Life is like that!

Well, today I have the time to have a peek on this blog. It's been a while. Not sure if I can get the time anymore.

Life has been hectic. Trying to make extra money by selling something else and this completely occupying me.

Work becoming more mundane. Day in day out. Been the worst office politics but I can survive. I have to, got family to support. And a child in the making. :)

Suddenly missed my traveling days, but I glad I get out from the hell hole.

Exercise? No time. Bank notes collecting? Still on going but slow. New hobby? Vaping. Do vaping change your life? Yes, meet few friend and foe. What is Vaping? Google it yourself.

Just an empty promise, I will be back.

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Election is coming again! (Only in Malaysia)

This time it will be my second time voting for my country. If you still new in my blog, you can click my post here, The younger tribes has spoken.

Yet this time, our 13th General Election in Malaysia, would be the most enticing moment in the country history as the opposition gained their popularity and CAN make a history. We have been plagued with numerous corruption cases from the current govt and this time, we wanted to make a change.

As you may heard or read from others blog or news online, our menial salary cannot  sustained our daily expenditure as the prices for even a necessity item has been increased in monthly basis. We cannot afford to save any to our life saving. So we really need to change the leader who only think for their deep pockets instead their rakyat(people) life.

Tommorow, on 20th April 2013 they will register their selected nominees and on the 5th May 2013 we will cast our vote again!

We need to change! WE HAVE TO CHANGE! This is it!

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February March April and Hello!

Hello, how are you :)

I know no body read this blog anymore. Well, I guess I will start this blog again. Who know, some how, some where, some body will re activate my account again and I can start making money again.

See you again later....

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This is my longest phone in service. Bought around 2007 together with my wife phone, this phone serve my another longest telco number in service too. Four last digit number that someone said really help me in my life. Not sure if it is true but I guess it is a number that I should keep.

Nokia 6233. Come with dual speaker and boy, this phone really serve it's purpose. Bought at that time exactly RM850, it is the state of the art of phone at it's time.

I saw another used set sold at a second hand shop at the lowest price tag I ever saw. RM85 with a major defect. The phone cannot detect memory card and will auto off when one being inserted into the phone.  Maybe I should look around and see if I could buy a new one IF someone actually got some stock that they overlook last time.

Emptiness in my head

Been thinking too much lately and hardly any answers  to my anxious. I did neglected this blog and now no more extra moolah coming in.

I almost lost another domain the other day, blame it to my carelessness, saved just in time to pay another year extension and soon the third one will soon expired but don't know where I can get funds to extend it. My bad for forgetting this blog till being removed from the assignment list.

Work has been taking it's toll. Being working almost around the clock till I don't have enough time to my family and myself. And if I do find the time, this blog has been put at the very last thing in my mind.  My fingers are itching to blog everything, but the mind is strong, the flesh is weak.

A broken promise to own self,  will try to blog at least trice a week from this week on.

Promise. ...

It's been a while

It's been a while since I have to post anything from my blog here. And to be honest, I haven't got any assignment since 5-7 month ago. And one of my blog are going to be expired any time soon. And no online moolah to get them fixed. Huhu...

Well, I can't do anything about it since my work are to demanding and I hardly have any time to update my blog. This post will not be the last but I try my best to keep it up....

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Somewhere out there....

Been estatic lately since I submit my resume to the other company. Just let's hope that the assurance that I received will come true and somehow my dream will come true and my family future will for ever change to a better life. Hopefully...

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