Election is coming again! (Only in Malaysia)

This time it will be my second time voting for my country. If you still new in my blog, you can click my post here, The younger tribes has spoken.

Yet this time, our 13th General Election in Malaysia, would be the most enticing moment in the country history as the opposition gained their popularity and CAN make a history. We have been plagued with numerous corruption cases from the current govt and this time, we wanted to make a change.

As you may heard or read from others blog or news online, our menial salary cannot  sustained our daily expenditure as the prices for even a necessity item has been increased in monthly basis. We cannot afford to save any to our life saving. So we really need to change the leader who only think for their deep pockets instead their rakyat(people) life.

Tommorow, on 20th April 2013 they will register their selected nominees and on the 5th May 2013 we will cast our vote again!

We need to change! WE HAVE TO CHANGE! This is it!

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