Emptiness in my head

Been thinking too much lately and hardly any answers  to my anxious. I did neglected this blog and now no more extra moolah coming in.

I almost lost another domain the other day, blame it to my carelessness, saved just in time to pay another year extension and soon the third one will soon expired but don't know where I can get funds to extend it. My bad for forgetting this blog till being removed from the assignment list.

Work has been taking it's toll. Being working almost around the clock till I don't have enough time to my family and myself. And if I do find the time, this blog has been put at the very last thing in my mind.  My fingers are itching to blog everything, but the mind is strong, the flesh is weak.

A broken promise to own self,  will try to blog at least trice a week from this week on.

Promise. ...