Another day of work

The one and only old school livery of Malaysia Airlines. 9M-MXA. If you ever heard that they spend hundreds cans of paint, well actually they just lying to you. They never paint their aircraft because it will cost them so much. Actually they use STICKERS!

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Good year, great disappointment...

This year started with a bang then a great disappointment. A life changing career has just slips away from my grasp and as you guess it, another person that I heard who doesn't deserved it, got it.

It is just because I didn't submit personally my application few month back. Just because I didn't have the guts to do it and I didn't think I should have done that in the first place!

Well, what have been done cannot be undone. Just hope that what the fella promised me will definitely come true. Hopefully....

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Second post of the year for testing picture

Trying to get myself a good restart for this blog. Uploading with the box of the phone I'm using.

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First post of the year

Testing from my new subsidized phone hihihi 

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