Any Empty Wine Bottles For Sale

This is one and only Chinese movie that touches my heart and tears falling down my cheek. A very old movie but I still remember the story line. It is about an adopted girl who were being cared of an old man who lives with selling old bottles. The music were very catchy but the lyrics are meaningful. Here is some of the excerpt that was written by the up loader that I translate directly form Google.

"Untold" (Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing?) Is a set of background on Xinyi Road, Taipei, military dependents famous dance movie, released in 1983 in Taiwan, the Taiwan MV atmosphere can be described originated in the film. Yu Kan-ping director, Raymond Wong, Wu Nien-jen, screenwriter, iron Mengqiu producer, actor of Sun Yue Nonequivalence, Wu Shaogang, Liu Ruiqi, Li Li-chun, behind-the-scenes cameo by Suri served. Untold the film describes the scavengers elderly dumb tert Sun Yue plays, picked up a baby girl on the road, the empty bottle with the hard work in exchange for money, bought cheap milk powder to feed her. Impression of the scene, the little girl Tarcy each morning holding Sun Yue, shouting loudly ︰ "酒干倘卖无,?" Little girl grown up (played by Liu Ruiqi), to the young composer Wu Shaogang, the two love, she started in the restaurant Note to sing, and then have the recognition become a singer, live wealthy, but gradually forget helped raise her dumb t-. Composer unwilling to see her so depraved, wrote a song to her, the song is "wine Dagan If selling Um". The most moving scenes of the entire film, when Liu Ruiqi popularity, but forgot to dumb Shu Sun Yue, her last stage singing "wine" song past distinctly emerge eye curtain, her singing and crying, and then throwing a concert rushed to the hospital to see Sun Yue one last sensational degree of direct teaching audience fierce tears. The movie be regarded people to experience the magic of movies and music, good music helps the movie to render emotions, good movies also allows music more memorable. The film re-released in the year 5 degrees the mapping period up to three months, was a Golden Horse for best film 11 nominations, and finally won the Best Actor 4 Awards.
"The wine Dagan If selling Um" (Any Empty Wine Bottles For Sale?) Lyrics

Composer: Hou Dejian lyricist: Hou Dejian

Wine Dagan If sell Um Um wine Dagan Where sell ...
What a familiar sound to accompany me to the number of years of wind and rain
Never need to remember will never forget
No days that have in no way that home
No family that you do not have that I
If you did not raise me to give me a warm life
What if you did not protect me my fate will
You bringing me up to accompany the first sentence I said
Let me you give me a home with you jointly owned by him
Although you can not speak a word
But to better understand the human world of black and white with true and false
Although you can not express your true feelings
Pay a dedicated life
How much you familiar voice heard in the distance
Reminds me of how much you kindly soul
When I go back beside
Let me sing with you

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