Mission complete! (Shah Alam Coin Card)

Recently, I've got a good deal from one of the old antique shop dealing with bank notes and coins in Kota Kinabalu to complete my Malaysia Coin Card series. This one is the most hardest to get coin card and the most expensive piece.

It was offers to me with the lowest price I ever heard and I have to sacrifice my other extra coin card just to get this. Current market price tagged at RM650 (aprox USD220).

In conjunction with the declaration of Shah Alam as a city on 10 Oct 2000, 2 commemorative coins were issued. Shah Alam was an oil palm estate originally known as Batu3/Sungai Renggam. On 7 December 1978, on the recommendation of His Majesty DYMM Sultan Selangor, Shah Alam proclaimed as Selangor state's capital. On 10 Oct 2000, Shah Alam was accorded City Status. (Excerpt from Matawang Malaysia 2010 by Peter Eu and Ben Chiew)
  • Weight : 8.15gm
  • Diameter : 26.50mm
  • Thickness : 2.30mm
  • Composition : Bi-metal - copper-nickel(center) & Nordic Gold (outer ring)
  • Mintage : 10'000 piece by Royal Mint Of Malaysia (But speculated only 8'000 piece)

Here with my other 200 Years Police Coin Card that could match the price of that Shah Alam Coin Card.

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Darkrui Chee said...

Hi, I got this Shah Alam Coin Card and I am selling with RM 300 ,pm me if interested