Unfortunate series of Halloween day

It was the most tiring day. In a day, exactly 6 things happen row by row.

First, We went to our usual mechanic to repair our car, and hopefully can be done in a day. While we are waiting for the spare part to come, it is started raining heavily. And then a call came, they said they cannot search for the spare part in heavy rain and have to wait till the rain to stop. So I decided to wait till next day.

Came back home and was taken aback seeing old modem has been set up and not the usual modem. Mom told me that the modem has been struck by lighting. So modem have to be replaced, off to Karamunsing we go. While we are driving there, a cousin called asking and insisting to see us. By that time I'm so tired but well, he is going to engage next weekend, I just agree with him.

Then when I think it would be a short trip to the shop to buy a replacement modem, my brother wanted to get other brand of modem instead of usual brand we use. Then we have to scour the mall and found out that the other brand would cost two times the price of the usual modem. Waited for green light from Dad, that only came 45 minutes later then we purchase the modem.

Off to see the cousin at the other mall. Then we found out that he actually went to yet another mall to buy few things and ask us to wait him there. Well that took him another 45 minutes to arrived. After about an hour meeting and chatting, we drove home and I quickly set up the modem. Took me awhile to set it up because I didn't familiar with the system, but soon (after 30 minutes!) I found out that my mom computer has been infected with Adware/malware. Then have to use another computer and get the job done.

Taken my bath and finally sitting down in front of the computer, suddenly my wife ask me to have a look on our cable TV subscription, only to found out the outdoor dish also has been struck by lightning! NO SATELLITE SIGNAL!

*&%$##@! More and more money struck by lightning in a day!

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Malaysia Airport Berhad Kota Kinabalu seriously sleeping!

I know that you heard about the news about Kota Kinabalu International Airport has been closed for two consecutive night due to runway lighting failure. That is one of the things that we are, actually, waiting to happened. Just because we also affected by their incompetence managements. Look at the picture below, we have to travel to and fro via this perimeter road from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 daily!

They promised us to seal the road by July 2012 and as today, the road has deteriorating and both of refueling company has sustained serious damage to their refueling vehicles.

Road to my kampong are better off than this road!

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What a day, what a night...

Today is my off day and coincidentally it is a Public Holiday in Malaysia. Having a blast with my brother in law last night but as today, I heard some uncomfortable news from the airport as well from my company.

First , I received an text message stating that our roster would be change to accommodate late night flights. The last shift would end at 2 am. By all means, this signify our over time claims will be lesser. Well, that is bad news for our paycheck.

Secondly, airports runway lightning system is down and as I start my shift tomorrow, there would be lots of delayed flight would be coming and we need to refuel them with a limited man power.

Well, that sorts of, bad news for a month!

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The name is Bond..

It's been a while that I haven't updated this blog. Been very busy and this computer has been used by my wife to do her things.

Lately, I've been fascinated with 007 movies and walla, to date I've been watching a few of them. I think I'm going to fully watched them in a month, depends on my shift.

My favorite one is Octopussy and truly, Roger Moore was a versatile Bond character carrier.

A new Bond movies has just been released and I think I will watch them after I watched all of the movies chapter. :)

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