The most unreasonable reason the we ever got from...

When I started my shift last Monday, I received a standing order of a new maneuver on refueling this one particular airline. And this is the third time that this one particular engineer from Korea has issued changes of our vehicle maneuver approaching their aircraft. His Engineer Manager never have any issue with our practically safe approach method but well, we have to obey their order as they are our customer.

The reason he wanted us to change the approach method is, because he wanted to minimized the exposed/contact' area of our vehicle from their aircraft. He just being cautious if the aircraft wings dropped to a certain level that will hit our vehicle and damage the wing area.

I don't know if this fella actually have his certificate to be an engineer legally or not because this will never happened as the computer will balance the height by it self.

I know because my dad told me so. :) Well, who actually care!

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