Selfish person in the house!

This post are interconnection with the previous post. To lazy to link it here, you can try find it in this blog of mine.

At first I thought that he was being misunderstand by others. But my guess is wrong. The rumors that I heard for the previous staff are true.

I'm not going to elaborate the story because I'm not good in composing a hate essay :)

He can re-arrange his shift with other 'closed' friend ( I always said they are his servant) but others, can't. He can use company vehicle as he like without thinking the consequence later. He come and go as he like even it is not his shift duty.

He can abandon his refueling vehicle after night shift at the refill point without returning to it's respective parking bay but others can't as he feel that it is a burden for him to park it to the designated bay. He can arrange the refueling flight pattern but he will re arrange it back as he like or for his convenient time to go back home/drive taxi (yes he do this refueling job as a part time and drive taxi for living).

The list can go on and on. One of the colleague ask me to tell him in the face, but I rather keep it silent just look at his inexplicable attitude trying to make money. Because i need money to buy this modern outdoor furniture, doesn't mean I need to bark at his face.Well karma always does their charm!

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