(Post 2) The long and wet Sunday!

In the mean while, while all of this thing happen, we get to go back to our office (aka depot) to have a smoke, drink hot drinks (of course we need it because it is wet and cold Sunday!) while risking to further delay the flight just in case they do get a small window to takeoff and land to our airport.

But one thing that really upset us, one of our colleague, that is notorious for his selfish act, came to duty (or suppose relieve us as we already past our permitted working hour) almost when all of the flight are done refueling. Make me wanted to smack him with a brand new motorcycle helmet in the face.

Actually, this story of his action are still most talked about at our office till now! We have our share of vengeance, as we all abandon our vehicles for him to refill (most likely he won't do it and I think he leave it for others to do it) and he have to refill his vehicle jet fuel supply form other vehicle as the vehicle that I used, after the long and wet Sunday, went KAPUT in the middle of our refill point.

But that is not it... 

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