(Post 1) The long and wet Sunday

Eleven post to be made in two days. Hope I can get through this. It is because when I get through this, I can get my dream come true. A dream to have ms70 gold eagles coins in my stash!

Gotta get this post going.

There is so much things happen in my life recently but as usual, I can't get my self to blog about it. It is either too tired or I simply don't have time to do it. As for instance, last Sunday , heavy ran (really heavy) happen in KK. Almost the entire flights at Kota Kinabalu airport are affected and many flight are diverted and making people stranded because of the delayed flight.

And to make things worst, I'm working while having this Hand Foot Mouth Disease on going and really it make my day unpleasant one. While this are going, the flights that we are suppose to refuel, were diverted indefinitely. So we have to wait till all flight that has been schedule for us to be refueled, I've waited from 8.30am till 4pm for the flight that the fuel were reserved for.

To be continue...

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