Hand Foot and Mouth

Hi all, haven't really got time to sit down and try to compose a post that really have something good to read. I hope every one of you have a good time and in good health.

As for me, I'm not in a good health. I'm down with this HandFootMouth Diseases, adult type. Infected from my son, and now I'm recuperating at home after being given three days of medical leave. Well, actually two day. It is because I went to work overtime before I have the time to see doctor that evening. And she give me medical leave on the day I work, my offday and my first day of morning shift. Well, it is good to know I will have my off record rest day :)

Itchy on my foot, hand and well, my behind, I have to refrained my self from scratching them to bleed. Maybe it is time to order Cheap Bulk Candy so that I don't feel bad. Just like when I 'm a little kid. :) Given candy everytime I'm sick ....

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