Sleep deprived June 2012

Sometime it is really pain in the (you know what I mean) when you got unrelated assignment and you just lost at words on what to post up related to it. Well, I think this umbrella liability insurance worth a try but well, I just lost on word to do it. :)

Well, I won't be long here because I still need to pay my sleep. I'm sleep deprived and today, I can't even concentrate to even a single conversation.

Good bye June 2012, Hello July 2012...

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Medium Rare Beef Steak Homemade

Bought some meat with the vouchers that I've got from my company and here it is, the result of it.

Medium rare beef steak.Made my us, husband and wife. Our passion of food (and really that passion made us fat) have just up one notch. Just wait till we made a full presentation of this kind of food. Haha....

Actually we bought more that we can eat for the next two month. And it cost us Rm50.  Less than one spending at any famous restaurant because when I taste this homemade steak, it just taste like the one I used to dine at San Francisco Steak House. Except for the side dishes. :)

Now for the reminder of the voucher I will buy stuffed cats for my boy. Because he also has passion for pets like us. :)

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Agong Commemorative Coins

Only get three hours of sleep yesterday just because of this....

Yes, I'm crazy. And mind you the set of two already being sold within 12 hours. Left only with the Single Silver Coin which is currently I'm selling Rm350 include shipping cost around Malaysia. You can leave your message at the comment section if you interested with your email and I will contact you back. Now time for cigars and sleep.

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Tranquility at dusk

I think it would be appropriate to sometime put up a picture to this blog. I hate to do it because the very last one will be erased from previous post and when people look up the post, no picture will be there. should upgrade us to a bigger picture storage so that our old picture will not erased from the old post.

There you go, a picture fit with the post title. Beforehand, I've been given to this unrelated things to say in this post. It is all about structured settlement payments. Nope, I haven't got the problem yet. So for those who need advise for that? As usual, I already made a way for you.

Till then... Bye bye... ( I really need to change this keyboard. The keys stuck everywhere....)

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Blue moonnnn.....

And the thrill still continue. Wish I could lit a cigarette here but, hey, it's the bedroom. When we still couples, yes I can lit one up inside. Now with a boy, I only can lit up one outside.  And that is what I'm planning to do now...

But before that, I recommend you to get Reid Supply for all your office/factory/site equipment. If your company haven't decide yet, now it is the time. And please include me in the commission payroll. I need money so badly right now. :)

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It's been a long time I haven't got a time to relax alone in our room. My boy and wife went to her sister house to accompany her over the weekend. And I'm alone sitting in front of the computer blogging while listening to Jazz music.

Then this words pop up in my mind... Cymbalta. Wanna know what is cymbalta? Keep on clicking there. Good for those who seek 'paradise' Hehe....

I'm on my own paradise now. Jazz music, beer tea and my blog. Wish I have beer right now....

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Lost at words

Got an idea last two hour ago and now all lost just because some things that I do just now. Well, let me go straight to the point.

For those who wanted to open a day care, you can get daycare playground equipment here. I know it is hard to get those equipment here in Kota Kinabalu. Should someone tried to get from them, please inform me as I can try find other who also interested in this.


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Real rich man always keep quite

Late post from me. Almost forgot about this one. It is about how to get truck bed covers. And I did have any truck to cover :)

Distracted for solid 10 minute viewing someone profile who think he is a smart Alec. Well, the person just mention he closed Rm466000 deal when he just 18 years old but I think he just playing with word because it is "FaceBook", a place where everyone can said anything they like. And he attract me to view his profile to get a good look at his face because he trying to 'flame' other at a certain group that I joined at Facebook. I think he is the loser...

And because of it, I decided to change my post title...

I think I better stop here. Bettor go to sleep right now. See ya...

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Missing my music life

It's been a while since I got a hold on my guitars. Our ukulele also being sitting in the cupboard for quite some time already. And now I'm thinking about getting an oboe and maybe getting oboe reeds for my self and maybe sell some to others. And also I need to think on getting a drum set for boy. He got the tendency to drum his hand on my flabby tummy.

Guitar... Uke... I better stop now. I 'm going to play them for a while. :)

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Happy Fathers Day

For women who cherish their husband out there. It is the time for you to add a bit of extra appreciation. You can find deals on anniversary gifts for your husband. Even though it is not your anniversary yet, well, everyday is Valentine day :)

Yet another unrelated post from me but I know it is also essential to my blog :)

Happy Fathers Day :)

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Bridesmaid good news

Another post that I don't think will be related...

To all friends out there, who wanted to be married, or planned to get married, you bet you also wnat your bridesmaid to look good on that special day because I stumble upon bill levkoff bridesmaid dresses and I know there is something special about it. I know you also want your bridesmaid to look 'almost' as beautiful as you on your wedding photo album that you will cherish for the rest of your life. :)

I know my blog is bored, there is no need to subscribe my page :)

Another one day and I'm on my offday

While waiting for the day to pass, I'm surfing the internet and really, this can be a good source for me to get a good lounge chair. I stumble this and they really have superb design that I'm keen to get for myself.

Well, I'm gonna have lots of thing to be done before the weekend ends and I'm not sure about the other things because it will involve others people and their money too. If thing will not happen, I think I will messed up with their holidays.

Joy, Y U NO BIG CAR???

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Got myself an android phone

Just recently, I bought a Sony Ericson water resistant android phone. Another upgrade of my phone and making me more and more 'unproductive'. Wasting my time on it has become my favorite past time and my number one time killer during my working hours. All courtesy from my DAD!

He also got himself a Samsung Note. I didn't know what to say it is an upgrade or downgrade since he own an Iphone 4 before. But I can say he really satisfied with the android phone. We just whis that someone can make an app(lication) to make instant  Photo Christmas Cards :)

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad (and myself)!

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I miss doing BBQ

I miss doing it but I financially broke to host a BBQ session... it is because I just click on this link to for an outdoor fireplace. And the smells of lamb and chicken being BBQ-ed on the fire make drool....

Well, I will see if I can made one in near future at my in laws house. Or maybe my own (borrowed) place....

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Random post of 14 June

This will be totally random post. Because I'm suppose to finish doing this 30 minutes ago but stuck. Out of idea, tired and dumbfounded by the idiotic nature of my selfish colleague.

For all of people who wanted to get high school ring for their graduating day, you can look online for high school rings and order it from there. Because I, IF internet are so normal as today during that time, will surely get a few sets for all of my school mates and sell them at ridiculous price. :)

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Fathers Day just around the corner

Father Days is just around the corner and I don't have any idea what to give my father for this year. I know I can get flowers from online flower delivery at but you don't give flowers to your father, right?

Maybe a car wash will do? Or maybe a dinner treat? But pay day is still 9 days away. Or a cake, as usual, might do the trick?

Never mind. Someone will pop up with an idea later...

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Selfish person in the house!

This post are interconnection with the previous post. To lazy to link it here, you can try find it in this blog of mine.

At first I thought that he was being misunderstand by others. But my guess is wrong. The rumors that I heard for the previous staff are true.

I'm not going to elaborate the story because I'm not good in composing a hate essay :)

He can re-arrange his shift with other 'closed' friend ( I always said they are his servant) but others, can't. He can use company vehicle as he like without thinking the consequence later. He come and go as he like even it is not his shift duty.

He can abandon his refueling vehicle after night shift at the refill point without returning to it's respective parking bay but others can't as he feel that it is a burden for him to park it to the designated bay. He can arrange the refueling flight pattern but he will re arrange it back as he like or for his convenient time to go back home/drive taxi (yes he do this refueling job as a part time and drive taxi for living).

The list can go on and on. One of the colleague ask me to tell him in the face, but I rather keep it silent just look at his inexplicable attitude trying to make money. Because i need money to buy this modern outdoor furniture, doesn't mean I need to bark at his face.Well karma always does their charm!

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(Post 2) The long and wet Sunday!

In the mean while, while all of this thing happen, we get to go back to our office (aka depot) to have a smoke, drink hot drinks (of course we need it because it is wet and cold Sunday!) while risking to further delay the flight just in case they do get a small window to takeoff and land to our airport.

But one thing that really upset us, one of our colleague, that is notorious for his selfish act, came to duty (or suppose relieve us as we already past our permitted working hour) almost when all of the flight are done refueling. Make me wanted to smack him with a brand new motorcycle helmet in the face.

Actually, this story of his action are still most talked about at our office till now! We have our share of vengeance, as we all abandon our vehicles for him to refill (most likely he won't do it and I think he leave it for others to do it) and he have to refill his vehicle jet fuel supply form other vehicle as the vehicle that I used, after the long and wet Sunday, went KAPUT in the middle of our refill point.

But that is not it... 

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(Post 1) The long and wet Sunday

Eleven post to be made in two days. Hope I can get through this. It is because when I get through this, I can get my dream come true. A dream to have ms70 gold eagles coins in my stash!

Gotta get this post going.

There is so much things happen in my life recently but as usual, I can't get my self to blog about it. It is either too tired or I simply don't have time to do it. As for instance, last Sunday , heavy ran (really heavy) happen in KK. Almost the entire flights at Kota Kinabalu airport are affected and many flight are diverted and making people stranded because of the delayed flight.

And to make things worst, I'm working while having this Hand Foot Mouth Disease on going and really it make my day unpleasant one. While this are going, the flights that we are suppose to refuel, were diverted indefinitely. So we have to wait till all flight that has been schedule for us to be refueled, I've waited from 8.30am till 4pm for the flight that the fuel were reserved for.

To be continue...

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Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen!

A very catchy speech/poem and it really sink in my heart and mind. Truly an inspirational speech that applies to all young generation and to be honest it is true to our life.

Accidentally heard this song on the radio while working on rainy Sunday, when hell break loose and almost half of the day flight were diverted and we have no idea on the time they will arrived, we have to keep on vigilant waiting for their arrival, while having this HandFootMouth diseases that make me feel uncomfortable. Imagine having some tiny pebbles inside your shoes and you walk with it 13 hours stretch with wet socks.

Let's get back to the song/speech. Here is random verses that really 'click' to me.

Enjoy your body.
Use it every way you can.

Don't be afraid of it or of what other people think of it.
It's the greatest instrument you'll ever own.


Even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room.

Read the directions, even if you don't follow them.

Do not read beauty magazines.

They will only make you feel ugly.

I think it is time I get my own zumba playstation. Because... just... DANCE...

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Hand Foot and Mouth

Hi all, haven't really got time to sit down and try to compose a post that really have something good to read. I hope every one of you have a good time and in good health.

As for me, I'm not in a good health. I'm down with this HandFootMouth Diseases, adult type. Infected from my son, and now I'm recuperating at home after being given three days of medical leave. Well, actually two day. It is because I went to work overtime before I have the time to see doctor that evening. And she give me medical leave on the day I work, my offday and my first day of morning shift. Well, it is good to know I will have my off record rest day :)

Itchy on my foot, hand and well, my behind, I have to refrained my self from scratching them to bleed. Maybe it is time to order Cheap Bulk Candy so that I don't feel bad. Just like when I 'm a little kid. :) Given candy everytime I'm sick ....

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Red bumpy palm

Some kind of freak thing happen to me two days ago. My feet and palm suddenly have this itchy sensation and slowly small red dots appear and become itchy. Few of them appear at my soles and making me feels irritated to walk. Giving me less chance to tryout a new Sidi Vertigo.

I think  I get it from my son as he got it few days back and we did go to the doc just to make sure it isn't chicken pox.

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Blurry blurry mind...

I'm quite blur on what should I post in my blog now. Blur because of the hiatus and the blank mind I'm having now. Plus I need to say something about this ACH Audit but I don't really understand anything that I should have blog about it.

Well, I think I better do something meaningful. So off to watch movie I go...


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Bloody internet line

Been out from internet for almost a month. I guess I can survive this but all my download movie still pending. Streamyx, our SOLE broadband provider should get this right before winning any trophy. It just don't seems right that we are paying the bills but the service rendered are useless.

And another bad thing is, our modem at our office has been struck with lighting and we lost our internet connection for one week now. We did everything that we could to reset and to configure it back, but everything seems to fail. Plus, our senior staff already forgotten the login name and the password.

So maybe this is the sign that I will stay away from internet for a little bit longer. :)

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