Malaysia 10 cent 1971

This is one of the rarest Malaysia coins that I inquired and got it at hefty price recently. The price jump up almost 20% in three month.

The only thing that disappoint me that is the seller didn't inform me that the coins will have 'bag mark' on it.  And most devastating things is, there are TWO debris inside the coin holder. Below is the picture and the debris are marked with red round circle. As if the seller didn't really mind quality of his items.

I do ask for refund but when think about the risk of this coins to be reported as "lost in transit" would be great while returning to the seller, I better just keep it and try to handle and clean it with out most care. 

Bought it recently when LUCK really strike us nicely this time. Remember my post on Feeling Lucky? This time, it strike us 10 folds. Hopefully this lucky year will also bless my career as well.

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