Feeling lucky?

Someone did told me about my FengShui for this Dragon Lunar Year on the second day of Chinese New Year. He told me that I will have a good fortune this year.  Never in my mind that it will occured to me that perhaps maybe that my luck is here.

At first I didn't know that I have a phone call as I always put my phone in my bag while walking with my family. Not until I finally arrived home. Before putting my bag down, it is my habit to check my phones to see if I missed any calls or sms.

Then I saw this unknown number. Another habit that I developed since joining a company which used shift system, is to call back the number just in case there is an emergency in my work place. It turn out to be a phone calls that may give me a luck starter. The person at the other line says that I won their company's lucky draw and got my self at the first place! Asked me to get my self ready for the prize giving ceremony this Saturday. All that I know is that I might has won RM300 worth of a supermarket voucher and a hamper of ICE CREAM!

Antoher reason for me to get this cool maduro to celebrate this winning. Wanna know what is that? Please proceed. :)

If I do get the picture, I will post it up here.

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