Please Fasten Your Seat Belts

I received the most dreadful phone calls last Monday morning. A phone calls that bears a name that shocks me because the name shouldn't be mention since he is healthy and young.

Heard he has been in a car crash. Self accident. Not sure if he is drunk but according to their story, he did drink but not too much. The only thing that they didn't deny is, he often drive too fast. Too fast and no seat belts. I think he ran out of luck this time. Hard to accept the news. I broke down in tears.

He just engage last December. Was happy because everyone came and support him. But now, it's all just a memory. Hope he gain peace in his resting place. Too young to die.

Off topics, If some one looking for a swimming pool pump, go to the link. You can find lots of good stuff there. I don't need one. We don't have any pool. :)

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Nine February Twenty Twelve

Second last post of the day.... Plenty of assignment but our internet connection is unstable. Hopefully this could finish before it goes offline again. Because I could have buy this riding boots if I can complete everything. :)

Had a headache week and things that you think couldn't go wrong actually could go wrong. Makes me think twice about life. Life is short. Just live it one day at a time.

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Home made composter

How I wish I have this composters. Easier for us to plant small trees or vegetables. Actually you can do it yourself.

Just get your self a garbage bin and you can get started from there. When ever you have left over, put it inside. Freshly cut grass also could be used. Left over from your vegetables also can be added there. Then, find some black soil and mix them together .Make sure you already chopped all of the things you wanted to make compost or they will take longer time to be ready. Stir and circulate every 5-7 days.

In three weeks, they are ready to be used. Just beware to their smell. :P

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Fourteen February dilemma

I'm not anti-religious. I'm not that pious man nor that bad. As I grew up, religion are taking over the mentality of this country. But I couldn't see where are they going right now. All I can say they are headed down. Just my point of view.

It is because every February, just nearing the 14th date, there would be numerous posting, religious talks that Valentine day is HARAM. In my point of view, it's depends on how you celebrate it. I don't say it is good to celebrate it.

Enough nonsense, for you who desperate out there, head to Zyngle free dating online. You might find your life time partner. :)

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The coolest goggles I ever saw!

This, I can say will astound my shutterbug brother. I do ever dream of this things to be invented but it too them 10 years to do it! Presenting the coolest goggles that I ever saw!

Cool eh? But one thing, I'm not a diver but my brother is. I'm not into underwater shooting, but my brother is. So I might as well tag him in this post. OPS... this is blogger, not FB haha...

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Random post number three

It's proven that I can't take alcohol IF I really wanted to lose weight. I can gained 2 KG easily if I do drink even one bottle of beer. Fortunately I didn't addicted to them. I might as well need to get xanax detox addiction abuse withdrawal if I do addicted to them.

Well, I better clean up the gym room and start to hit the treadmill.  I'm hitting the plateau of 81.6 KG and my pants feels tight.

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Random post number two

Last one for tonight. Need to sleep early as working tomorrow. Lots of assignment has been granted and I should complete it all before all expired. Getting more money is better than none.

Planning to get this document imaging software but I think I don't need one at this moment.Maybe next time.

I'm hungry but I don't dare to eat. it's 2333hrs now.  God bless. Off to sleep.

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Dream a little dream of me

Been dreaming about getting a home since past 7 years but I think it only be next 10 years. Or when I get a super lucky Jackpots ticket. Because I dream getting a house beside the beach and get myself a gazebo that only my family can use.

Saw this gazebo kit and the flame inside me flourished again. Could it be? Will it be? Lets hope I will be super lucky this year.

God, grant my wish as your will not my will. Amen.

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Happy Belated Birthday my love

We don't celebrate our birthday anymore. We, only acknowledge it to each other and only have normal dinner outside together. Why, because we still traumatized with our previous attempt to celebrate it with friends. No attendees.

A personalized heart jewelry would be the best birthday gift to her. I will look into it soon. I know she didn't ask for it and maybe would protest but it is only the smallest things that I can give to her.

Happy belated Birthday to my wife.

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Childhood connection

One of the assignment that I get reminds me about 17 years ago when I still about 10-12 years old. It is a time when toys are still made by hands. Wooden, often beautiful even though crude. And I can vividly remember something that I still regrets for not saving it until today.

I'm talking about wooden yoyo! And I bet you also can purchase it online but a bit expensive. Maybe next time I will try to get yomega maverick next time.

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It's a beautiful day.....

Taken during the most cloudless day in Kota Kinabalu. 30 January 2012 

See, I can't say that my job is bored. I see this almost everyday. In my truck. Driving 20 to 40 km/h daily. Luckily didn't have any gps tracking for trucks because we only permitted to drive under 25 km/h.

Well, as today, I think I saw God giving back Karma to someone. Someone, whom, the day before, try to trapped me into his lair of his games. To cut the story short, office politics. He run outside business and wanted to make a settlements to everyone so that he can get home early everyday but make others life miserable.

Karma is best view when you didn't do anything to avenged it before. :)

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Random number one

Ran out of idea to make any post. Got 10-12 more to go... Today I must complete at least 6. Fail to complete it, all are gone.

Last week, I went to my father's newly bought apartment. Helped him to install his LED TV mount bracket and anything that needed to do. But there is something that caught my eyes. That is a touch switch for the lighting of the apartment. Usually I only saw metal switch with metal switch plate. I guess this time, modernity already went pass me further...

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Revived passion/craze part 3

Do not try this at home...

I have started collecting this since 2007 and I've made it a secret. Please don't ask me to sell this since it is the very first item I bought for myself. As now, my collection could buy me log cabin furniture in an instant.

Many more to come. If I do have more items that I already get an upgrade, you can find some classified items for sale here...

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Hassle free Youtube Video downloader

Finally I found this best youtube video downloader. Now I can say it is good that I can download tons of our sons favorite cartoon on YouTube. Save me the hassle to wait for the clip to load first and the need to have internet connection before the entertainment. :P

I've already download this and will try it later. I won't give any comment on the software but I dare you to try it yourself. I'd better go now. Need to sleep early. Got to work...

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Petrol price cutting?

Too many assignment has been given. No complaints but limited time.

I wonder where I can get free degree online. I reckon that getting that piece of paper can change my family life. Because now, everything cost more. Month by month you can see the difference through the things that you buy at the grocers store.

There are rumors that they will cut down the petrol price, but we never know if that will materialized in near future. World market has been seen going downward and they should implement it since last quarter last year.

If they do, we will know that General Election is just around the corner. :)

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A friend of mine are down with - Dengue.

Three week ago, I got a message telling me that a close friend of mine is down with dengue fever. Couldn't contacted him at that time and soon, I totally forgotten about it.

Not until I saw him online and as soonest I can, I message him about his well being. Luckily he is in good condition but still recuperating from the illness. He told me that it is quite bored to stay in the hospital alone. I told him, you will not be alone IF he got himself a tablet or notebook with internet connection.

He wished that he got a beautiful nurse to take care of him there. My responds, try give a cute one with this cute nursing scrubs. And his imagination goes wild haha...

You won't believe it until you see this...

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Sluggish 6 month

Sluggish, because I feel heavy and bloated. Needed to shed a couple of pounds but I'm too tired to do all the mandatory stuff. Tired because I worked almost everyday.

I'm not complaining because working almost everyday means extra money in my paycheck. But this also means extra pounds in my body. I think I need a long holiday and a good body pillows to recuperating.

Need to get my ass out from here and started running and lifting. The gym room is still in a mess.

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Where to get Ukulele in SABAH!

I've been promoting Ukulele shops on my blog and it get a big hits since then. From Singapore to Batu Caves, Malaysia and now, I should promote one in my own home town!

 At first, I found their virtual shop in Facebook unintentionally. Then soon I found out that they opening up a shop about 4 kilometer from my place!

Jusk Uke opened their shop somewhere in November 2011 (according to their website) and took off from there. Here is what I can get from their FaceBook Just Uke pages.

JUST UKE's Philisophy:

This is your LIFE. Do what you LOVE and Do it OFTEN. If you don’t like something, change it. IF you don’t like your job. QUIT. If you are looking for THE LOVE of your life. STOP. They will be waiting for you when you start Doing Things you Love, LIKE PLAYING THE UKELELE. Stop Analyzing. All emotions are beautiful. LIFE IS SIMPLE. OPEN your mind, arms and heart to New Things and People, we are UNITED in our differences. Ask the Next person you see what their passion is and share your inspiring dream with them. TRAVEL OFTEN. Getting lost will help you find yourself.




Call Number: Averil- 013 863 3430

Address: Lot No 9, Block G (they relocate to block D from what I saw from their website)
(First Floor)
Lorong Pusat Komersial 88/1
88 Market Place 88300

As I haven't yet found the time to have a look at their place, I do my part to promote their shops to all of you, Uke lovers. I guaranteed you you will need plenty of lockers to keep all your UKES! Especially to all Sabahan!

Happy ukes everyone!

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Feeling lucky?

Someone did told me about my FengShui for this Dragon Lunar Year on the second day of Chinese New Year. He told me that I will have a good fortune this year.  Never in my mind that it will occured to me that perhaps maybe that my luck is here.

At first I didn't know that I have a phone call as I always put my phone in my bag while walking with my family. Not until I finally arrived home. Before putting my bag down, it is my habit to check my phones to see if I missed any calls or sms.

Then I saw this unknown number. Another habit that I developed since joining a company which used shift system, is to call back the number just in case there is an emergency in my work place. It turn out to be a phone calls that may give me a luck starter. The person at the other line says that I won their company's lucky draw and got my self at the first place! Asked me to get my self ready for the prize giving ceremony this Saturday. All that I know is that I might has won RM300 worth of a supermarket voucher and a hamper of ICE CREAM!

Antoher reason for me to get this cool maduro to celebrate this winning. Wanna know what is that? Please proceed. :)

If I do get the picture, I will post it up here.

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Revived passion

 Warning, not for the cheapskate person...

Gonna get get.. gonna get get...

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Safety has been compromised...

You will never know who you can depend. Who you trust. How they do their job. Ever heard of trying of implementing something but never think the end result? As if they pulling the trigger but shooting at them self. Then they will shit on them self and ask for someone else to wipe it clean.

Few days ago I was discussing with my friend about what's happening around us. At first he reluctantly saying anything but suddenly, almost all the things that I shouldn't know, were being exposed to me. Kinda shocking to hear that their cost cutting exercise will compromise their own motto. Hmm... Stop work would be a slap to them I guess...  

Even they didn't know how to minimized spending on video conferencing solutions. I guess the higher they go, the stupider they be.

They are just after the paycheck...

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