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I'm not referring to the HULK. I'm referring to planting something.

When is the last time that you ever plant something? My last plant is about 2 month ago. Just a little ordinary tree. While doing it, I saw my mom long forgotten orchid that are in full blooms. Beautiful!

Then I remember my conversation with my half-Brit brother in law, if it is possible to import orchid to UK. He say's, unless I can get them into the country in illegal way, I can. Well, I'm not sure if he was joking or serious, he just killed my interest to get orchids to UK. :)

Well, unlike people in US there is a way to get them. Just clicks to awesome orchid, them place your order. Unlike here in my place at North Borneo, we just go to weekend market, or flea market you can say, to get them. Some are cheaper, some are not. Just don't ask the protected one. You might get into troubles.

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