Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing?

I found this links on Youtube and I think it is a good opportunity for you out there to enjoy this fine movie. My childhood were relived by this up loader. A fine movie for all youngster out there...

Click on it, and find the continuity of it.... And Enjoy...

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Any Empty Wine Bottles For Sale

This is one and only Chinese movie that touches my heart and tears falling down my cheek. A very old movie but I still remember the story line. It is about an adopted girl who were being cared of an old man who lives with selling old bottles. The music were very catchy but the lyrics are meaningful. Here is some of the excerpt that was written by the up loader that I translate directly form Google.

"Untold" (Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing?) Is a set of background on Xinyi Road, Taipei, military dependents famous dance movie, released in 1983 in Taiwan, the Taiwan MV atmosphere can be described originated in the film. Yu Kan-ping director, Raymond Wong, Wu Nien-jen, screenwriter, iron Mengqiu producer, actor of Sun Yue Nonequivalence, Wu Shaogang, Liu Ruiqi, Li Li-chun, behind-the-scenes cameo by Suri served. Untold the film describes the scavengers elderly dumb tert Sun Yue plays, picked up a baby girl on the road, the empty bottle with the hard work in exchange for money, bought cheap milk powder to feed her. Impression of the scene, the little girl Tarcy each morning holding Sun Yue, shouting loudly ︰ "酒干倘卖无,?" Little girl grown up (played by Liu Ruiqi), to the young composer Wu Shaogang, the two love, she started in the restaurant Note to sing, and then have the recognition become a singer, live wealthy, but gradually forget helped raise her dumb t-. Composer unwilling to see her so depraved, wrote a song to her, the song is "wine Dagan If selling Um". The most moving scenes of the entire film, when Liu Ruiqi popularity, but forgot to dumb Shu Sun Yue, her last stage singing "wine" song past distinctly emerge eye curtain, her singing and crying, and then throwing a concert rushed to the hospital to see Sun Yue one last sensational degree of direct teaching audience fierce tears. The movie be regarded people to experience the magic of movies and music, good music helps the movie to render emotions, good movies also allows music more memorable. The film re-released in the year 5 degrees the mapping period up to three months, was a Golden Horse for best film 11 nominations, and finally won the Best Actor 4 Awards.
"The wine Dagan If selling Um" (Any Empty Wine Bottles For Sale?) Lyrics

Composer: Hou Dejian lyricist: Hou Dejian

Wine Dagan If sell Um Um wine Dagan Where sell ...
What a familiar sound to accompany me to the number of years of wind and rain
Never need to remember will never forget
No days that have in no way that home
No family that you do not have that I
If you did not raise me to give me a warm life
What if you did not protect me my fate will
You bringing me up to accompany the first sentence I said
Let me you give me a home with you jointly owned by him
Although you can not speak a word
But to better understand the human world of black and white with true and false
Although you can not express your true feelings
Pay a dedicated life
How much you familiar voice heard in the distance
Reminds me of how much you kindly soul
When I go back beside
Let me sing with you

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Same Auld Lang Syne

On every December, I only will remember this song. It will keep repeating on my mind till January comes. It is kinda sad song but somehow, it can cheer me up.

Life must go on what ever path you choose. High or low, it is destine to be. We could change our destiny but what is written, will always happen. It might not what we want it to be, we should accept that it will happen. Choose wisely.

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Perhaps, perhaps perhaps....

Stumble upon this music that actually catches my ear (not my eyes :). A Latin instrumental rendition of Perhaps perhaps perhaps... by Milos Karadaglic

Milos Karadaglic - Quizás, quizás, quizás

Catchy music, catchy music clip :) (I know the video overlapping my blog. Who care??)

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Life ain't the same 2 years ago...

Two years ago, I'm still can sitting down in front of my laptop and surfing away the internet and update my blog regularly. Hitting the keyboard non stop or churning out post that sometimes can be a hit for few week. It seems that the time has passed.

As now, it is almost three month that I didn't get any assignment just because I didn't regularly update this blog. Not that I don't want to do update, but the time that I spend in front of my computer are lesser and lesser every week. The only time that I can surf the internet is when I finished my work at midnight.

Well, I've anticipated being deactivate from the system, just get my finger crossed hopefully my plea can be heard and I can start getting extra money through this blog.

Two year ago... How time go past us by...

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Rainy days...

These few days were kinda cooler than any other days. Rain almost every hour and almost every day. Well kinda missed the sunny day though where you can go to work without worrying your flight will be delayed and every thing will go smooth...

Tomorrow will do another over time work and hopefully a new adventures will start smoothly. Making money never been so desperate lately, but having family to feed on, you have to let go your ego and thicken your face just to get decent money and life. :)

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The boy who celebrate 3rd Birthday with ukulele

This boy has grown fast before our eyes! Now he capable to strum properly his Uke, only have to learn how to press the string for chords...

And mind you that he celebrate his 3rd birthday on a very special date that is on the 10.11.12 :)

Happy Birthday Sintaro!

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I have to let go of this note!

I get a hold on this notes for a while now and it is time for me to let it go. Even though it is quite rare and expensive, I rather keep coins in mint condition. So today I'm letting this notes go and hope fully it will go to a new collector that can appreciate more than me.

Goodbye good note~!

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10.11.12 BIG THREE For Sean Taro

My boy would be 3 years old today. Boy , he grow fast before our very eyes. Beautiful yet very naughty boy. Well, today we didn't have very much things to do except we went to our cousin engagement ceremony. But after that, we went and buy a ukulele for the birthday boy.

Not a very expensive one, but just a good for a little boy like him. Bought a Mahalo Soprano Ukulele, priced at RM95 but the boss decide to give us discount and we pay it for RM80 only.

Ukulele = RM 80
Birthday cake = RM 57
Look on his face = Priceless

Happy Birthday Sintaro!

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CUD Error on 10 CENT 2010

A new kind of coin error that falls into my hands recently. This type of error can happen when part of the die for stamping the coin breaks just a little bit on the edge. Thus creating the bulge at the edge since there is no pressure on the coin.

This kind of coin could fetch higher price than the face value in the numismatic market. Well, this one is a keeper!

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A frame of my mind

At last I've found an alternative instead of custom made this kind of frame! And it's gonna be cheap!

The frame above are custom made for First Day Cover and it is transparent. I've been trying to ordera frame like that for my almost solid bank notes as shown below. To my dismay, the uncle who runs the framing shop asked me to stick the banknotes to a cardboard and give him so that he can custom made the size! Come on uncle, I know you know how to do this kind of frame. In fact you already open you shop for as long as I remember!

Well, I guess I just need Rm10 for 'custom' frame for my UNCirculated bank notes.

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Mission complete! (Shah Alam Coin Card)

Recently, I've got a good deal from one of the old antique shop dealing with bank notes and coins in Kota Kinabalu to complete my Malaysia Coin Card series. This one is the most hardest to get coin card and the most expensive piece.

It was offers to me with the lowest price I ever heard and I have to sacrifice my other extra coin card just to get this. Current market price tagged at RM650 (aprox USD220).

In conjunction with the declaration of Shah Alam as a city on 10 Oct 2000, 2 commemorative coins were issued. Shah Alam was an oil palm estate originally known as Batu3/Sungai Renggam. On 7 December 1978, on the recommendation of His Majesty DYMM Sultan Selangor, Shah Alam proclaimed as Selangor state's capital. On 10 Oct 2000, Shah Alam was accorded City Status. (Excerpt from Matawang Malaysia 2010 by Peter Eu and Ben Chiew)
  • Weight : 8.15gm
  • Diameter : 26.50mm
  • Thickness : 2.30mm
  • Composition : Bi-metal - copper-nickel(center) & Nordic Gold (outer ring)
  • Mintage : 10'000 piece by Royal Mint Of Malaysia (But speculated only 8'000 piece)

Here with my other 200 Years Police Coin Card that could match the price of that Shah Alam Coin Card.

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It is 2 Nov 2012!

To be honest, I'm getting fat. No running, no weight lifting. Only once a month when I really have the energy and TIME to do that. I think I have to set a mind set to run even though I'm sleepy.

Currently I'm at 84-85 kg, which is off the mark. And I can feel my waist line getting bigger every week! My pecs, oh my pecs are shrinking and almost like a boobs shape already!

This is not a good thing! I need to change, change my lifestyle!

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Unfortunate series of Halloween day

It was the most tiring day. In a day, exactly 6 things happen row by row.

First, We went to our usual mechanic to repair our car, and hopefully can be done in a day. While we are waiting for the spare part to come, it is started raining heavily. And then a call came, they said they cannot search for the spare part in heavy rain and have to wait till the rain to stop. So I decided to wait till next day.

Came back home and was taken aback seeing old modem has been set up and not the usual modem. Mom told me that the modem has been struck by lighting. So modem have to be replaced, off to Karamunsing we go. While we are driving there, a cousin called asking and insisting to see us. By that time I'm so tired but well, he is going to engage next weekend, I just agree with him.

Then when I think it would be a short trip to the shop to buy a replacement modem, my brother wanted to get other brand of modem instead of usual brand we use. Then we have to scour the mall and found out that the other brand would cost two times the price of the usual modem. Waited for green light from Dad, that only came 45 minutes later then we purchase the modem.

Off to see the cousin at the other mall. Then we found out that he actually went to yet another mall to buy few things and ask us to wait him there. Well that took him another 45 minutes to arrived. After about an hour meeting and chatting, we drove home and I quickly set up the modem. Took me awhile to set it up because I didn't familiar with the system, but soon (after 30 minutes!) I found out that my mom computer has been infected with Adware/malware. Then have to use another computer and get the job done.

Taken my bath and finally sitting down in front of the computer, suddenly my wife ask me to have a look on our cable TV subscription, only to found out the outdoor dish also has been struck by lightning! NO SATELLITE SIGNAL!

*&%$##@! More and more money struck by lightning in a day!

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Malaysia Airport Berhad Kota Kinabalu seriously sleeping!

I know that you heard about the news about Kota Kinabalu International Airport has been closed for two consecutive night due to runway lighting failure. That is one of the things that we are, actually, waiting to happened. Just because we also affected by their incompetence managements. Look at the picture below, we have to travel to and fro via this perimeter road from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 daily!

They promised us to seal the road by July 2012 and as today, the road has deteriorating and both of refueling company has sustained serious damage to their refueling vehicles.

Road to my kampong are better off than this road!

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What a day, what a night...

Today is my off day and coincidentally it is a Public Holiday in Malaysia. Having a blast with my brother in law last night but as today, I heard some uncomfortable news from the airport as well from my company.

First , I received an text message stating that our roster would be change to accommodate late night flights. The last shift would end at 2 am. By all means, this signify our over time claims will be lesser. Well, that is bad news for our paycheck.

Secondly, airports runway lightning system is down and as I start my shift tomorrow, there would be lots of delayed flight would be coming and we need to refuel them with a limited man power.

Well, that sorts of, bad news for a month!

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The name is Bond..

It's been a while that I haven't updated this blog. Been very busy and this computer has been used by my wife to do her things.

Lately, I've been fascinated with 007 movies and walla, to date I've been watching a few of them. I think I'm going to fully watched them in a month, depends on my shift.

My favorite one is Octopussy and truly, Roger Moore was a versatile Bond character carrier.

A new Bond movies has just been released and I think I will watch them after I watched all of the movies chapter. :)

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Klung klang klung klang...

I miss my musical days. I missed singing. I missed my guitar!

Rant of the day!

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All grown up...

How time past us by pretty quickly without we knowing it. And today I realized my boy has grown up pretty quickly too. Below is his picture taken last April, still hardly speaking anything to us.

Now, he always talking with his baby talk, usually with some clear words he learned from his parents. Occasionally with strong command of words asking for something. Coming this October, he will be three years old. And soon he will ask me to buy him a yamaha guitar and I guess next would be a drum set. No worries, a few music instrument are waiting for him to discover and learn next time.

Prayers will always be with him for a safe, fun and joyful life ahead. Beautiful boy, Sean Taro.

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The most unreasonable reason the we ever got from...

When I started my shift last Monday, I received a standing order of a new maneuver on refueling this one particular airline. And this is the third time that this one particular engineer from Korea has issued changes of our vehicle maneuver approaching their aircraft. His Engineer Manager never have any issue with our practically safe approach method but well, we have to obey their order as they are our customer.

The reason he wanted us to change the approach method is, because he wanted to minimized the exposed/contact' area of our vehicle from their aircraft. He just being cautious if the aircraft wings dropped to a certain level that will hit our vehicle and damage the wing area.

I don't know if this fella actually have his certificate to be an engineer legally or not because this will never happened as the computer will balance the height by it self.

I know because my dad told me so. :) Well, who actually care!

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All nighter....

A few post before I retired to sleep for today. After a long shift I've endured, I'm really deserved to have my two off day from work. If not that one Airline did turn up on time, I suppose this shift won;t be hard after all.

Been working more than 12 hours a day (or shall I say a night) and couple of day I saw both sun sets and sun rise in one shift. I guess next pay check would enable me to buy goldline salt cell for my family.

Well, we will see it soon.

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Repeat/odd number/radar

This is another one in my collection. Got it during angpow preparation last Chinese New Year. They call this repeat (as in repeating number 9393939), odd number (obviously for its number 9 and 3) and radar number for the number can be read the same upside down or downside up.

I still keep it in the original stack and I don't think this note will ever see the light of day until a very long time.

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1 Dollar Malaya and British Borneo

This is one of the first per-independent bank notes that I acquired during my first introduction to this "Expensive Hobby". Surely I can buy a cool Wall Water Fountains that I can decorate my house with, with the current value of it now.

First prefix A1. A notes that hardly to get with the first prefix nowadays. And this one that I got is just at Poor quality. Well, I don't really care the quality as long as I have one in my possession :)

This notes are used when Borneo and Malaya still under British rule.

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Some notes goes to a good home

Below is one of the pictures that I took for two notes before I auction it off at a numismatic group at FaceBook.

I believe that this notes will go to a better home as I already got better replacement of them in my hand.

Although I only  sold it lower than I expected, I'm still satisfied since I got it at the notes face value.

Face Value RM11. Sold at RM35.

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Not really in the mood...

I'm not in the mood of writing anything. It is because the exercise withdrawal I'm having right now. Should have not been stopping the routine but work load still the same, but makes me tired. Too tired to even force myself to do it.

I've been ask to do this Funeral preplanning assignment, but it is kind a taboo for us here to do anything about it. It is a right thing to do actually , to per-planned funeral as funeral can cost a bombs nowadays.

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Die Clash Error On Commemorative Coin

Bought this coin recently at a local antique shop. What caught my eyes is because of the fine lines that looks like the shape of the reserve side of the coins. I can confirm this is an error coins and bought it before the owner of the shop realized that this is an error coins.

(Click the picture to enlarge it)

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