Almost a year since...

Pure laziness.

Why, would you ask? Because, I engaged myself to FaceBook games and work, workouts and sleep. I have to admit, I'm sleep deprived. Shouldn't neglect this blog more often that I should but well, shit happens.

It's been a while since I post up anything interesting happen in my life. I can't differentiate anything special than not lately. Everything is special, especially when you get TWO days off from work.  You all know me too well. Sleep freak. But now, sleep deprived.

This coming 27th Dec will be my first years joining this company. So far so good, except for few hiccups. I've bang one of the airlines company little truck with my big vehicle under a foreign airline aircraft wings. Unique things to say but big headache for my manager. I went through the ordeal with little sweats and I sleep soundly without nightmare. Well, I should say my manager taken care of it smoothly. Get away with it with a warning. Without paying anything. *Sweet*

Maybe I should post up a picture here. Here you go. Hope this won't break the P&C nature of my job. :P 

Perfect view. Only for those who don't have this job. Rain or shine, we have to do it. I prefer rain. *everyday I'm shuffling suffering*

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