27th Dec 2011

I know, I know, it's days away, but I can't help that it is almost a year that I've switch work place. I've been trying to get an offshore jobs for a year but I can say you will need a 'cable' as big as the Twin Tower to get one. To be honest, with a name of an 'immigrant', you hardly can get a job here. Well, Sabahan will sure know this.

Well I don't know if my luck with Tour Guide Jobs then. But alas, here am I, working in Aviation industry. One thing that I can feel is, my hearing on my left ear are getting bad :P Well, I've learn lots of things here. Learned how to work in a team, learn the safety ways of working, etc etc...

Well, I missed the traveling that I used to have, but Better have a good night sleep than always cursing the way they "helms the ship"~!

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