And my waist up by one inch

Not due to holidays, but due to less work load. Less aircraft to be refuel, less movement, more time to gain weight. But My weight statically stay between 82.4 to 81.4 KG. Well that would be more than 1 KG last December.

Maybe, I need to learn yoga to curb idleness in between my working hours. Should buy yoga blankets while they still have discounts for it.

I need to be 75 KG by middle of next year. I determine to, next year.

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Nothing beats the feelings getting a new mobile phone especially a smart phone. But all can came crashing though when you know you ain't got the money to get one.

This happen to me every time. Two of my colleague bought Android phone and tablet recently and one of them lucky enough to get one as a second hand phone half the original price!

Make me more energetic to do more 'over time' work and sell off some of my bank notes collections. Well cheer me up by Send Flowers to me.

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Broken shoelace

 Just broke a shoelace of my safety shoes and that signifies relentless working hours. I can proof to you that we are like working everyday just showing my feet.

No, it is just to disgusting to show my feet here in the internet. I wonder if I can persuade my supervisor to get chippewa boots for our safety shoes next year. We were allocated Rm1000 a year just for safety boots. That's roughly about 330USD.

Only if...

Wish they can give us extra uniform as three pair cannot survive for a year.

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Free bird 2011

I'm not talking about getting another Free Bird session here. I've done it last year.

What I really mean is this....

Gigantic. But do you know that this aircraft actually own by Malaysia airlines? Sure gonna use a hell of a metal step stools just to reach the refueling point. Last time, they use to do that. Now , we won't.  

Monkey doing his monkey business... Mind the sign at bottom right of the picture. NO SMOKING! Thank you for reminding us, the smoker. Just because at the back of the vehicle is about 10 tonnes of fuels. You will be burn and disintegrate beyond recognition. Smoking can wait. 

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Almost a year since...

Pure laziness.

Why, would you ask? Because, I engaged myself to FaceBook games and work, workouts and sleep. I have to admit, I'm sleep deprived. Shouldn't neglect this blog more often that I should but well, shit happens.

It's been a while since I post up anything interesting happen in my life. I can't differentiate anything special than not lately. Everything is special, especially when you get TWO days off from work.  You all know me too well. Sleep freak. But now, sleep deprived.

This coming 27th Dec will be my first years joining this company. So far so good, except for few hiccups. I've bang one of the airlines company little truck with my big vehicle under a foreign airline aircraft wings. Unique things to say but big headache for my manager. I went through the ordeal with little sweats and I sleep soundly without nightmare. Well, I should say my manager taken care of it smoothly. Get away with it with a warning. Without paying anything. *Sweet*

Maybe I should post up a picture here. Here you go. Hope this won't break the P&C nature of my job. :P 

Perfect view. Only for those who don't have this job. Rain or shine, we have to do it. I prefer rain. *everyday I'm shuffling suffering*

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27th Dec 2011

I know, I know, it's days away, but I can't help that it is almost a year that I've switch work place. I've been trying to get an offshore jobs for a year but I can say you will need a 'cable' as big as the Twin Tower to get one. To be honest, with a name of an 'immigrant', you hardly can get a job here. Well, Sabahan will sure know this.

Well I don't know if my luck with Tour Guide Jobs then. But alas, here am I, working in Aviation industry. One thing that I can feel is, my hearing on my left ear are getting bad :P Well, I've learn lots of things here. Learned how to work in a team, learn the safety ways of working, etc etc...

Well, I missed the traveling that I used to have, but Better have a good night sleep than always cursing the way they "helms the ship"~!

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