Pre BBQ session

Few hours more and we are going to have some laid back BBQ session. This are all to celebrate our boy Two Years Birthday. Wish that there is cute cake pops for sale as I see them as delicious and appetizing. Beats conventional cakes or cupcakes we always have.

Last night outing with my former teacher is outstanding. Emptied 5 bottles of Budweiser and wiser a little bit more. Had a serious hangover this morning, cured with a bowl of local Jawa soto bought courtesy my lovely wife. Lesson learn that we must enjoy life even if you are single or married. And never let go a girl that have 34G cup size especially if she already is in your hand. No phun intended. Haha... poor former teacher, just because the size make him intimidated to marry the girl. Scared to be called 'large breast fetish'.

Gotta go to prepared some serious chicken wings marinade.

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