Offdays on Saturday and Sunday

As usual, I almost forgot. I have assignment that I almost didn't know it is due by today. Well , if you have problems with your pumps (your auto pumps I mean)Just get your pumps at amt pumps. They have various pumps that is so good, you don't have to look at another website.

Now I have to get ready to work. My off day is tomorrow...

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Now you can get Ukulele in Malaysia!

This is post have been long in my draft post. I think it is time for me to dig it out and post it.

Last year, on April 2010, I did made a post about Where to get good ukulele in Malaysia. Now there would be a place to get your itchy hand on one of them.

Ukulele Malaya, would be your first stop to have it. Situated at 34A-2,Jalan SM2,Sunway Batu Caves,Batu Caves, 68100,Selangor, MALAYSIA, they have a vast brand of ukulele such as Kamaka, KoAloha, Kanilea, Ohana, Koolau , Pono, Meastro, Lanikai, Kiwaya, Kala, and Anuenue. Not only that, they also offer ukulele lesson to those who wanted to learn it. The best part of it, they also sell in package with most attractive price.

Apart of that, you also can find tuner and strings sold here. Surely beats the currency exchange when you really wanted to invest on your musical instrument. Imagine the bliss to play your ukulele by the sea side wearing your nike sunglasses. It's heaven as you can say it!

As I already have my own ukulele and some strings in my hands now, I haven't yet tried to buy anything from them. It is good to know that someone have the passion to venture into opening up a Ukulele specialized shop to cater to our needs. So to those who really wanted to have one, a good quality ukulele that worth your money, do not hesitate to contact them or better paid them a visit if you can. I now they can give you a better consultation base on your budget and needs.

Visit them at

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Pre BBQ session

Few hours more and we are going to have some laid back BBQ session. This are all to celebrate our boy Two Years Birthday. Wish that there is cute cake pops for sale as I see them as delicious and appetizing. Beats conventional cakes or cupcakes we always have.

Last night outing with my former teacher is outstanding. Emptied 5 bottles of Budweiser and wiser a little bit more. Had a serious hangover this morning, cured with a bowl of local Jawa soto bought courtesy my lovely wife. Lesson learn that we must enjoy life even if you are single or married. And never let go a girl that have 34G cup size especially if she already is in your hand. No phun intended. Haha... poor former teacher, just because the size make him intimidated to marry the girl. Scared to be called 'large breast fetish'.

Gotta go to prepared some serious chicken wings marinade.

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Weird title for weird person

I'm very sure that someone will be grateful that somewhere there will be this kind of eyelash growth products. Why, because they think that their eyelash are not long enough to seduce man. My oh my...

Okay enough about that. Let me tell you that I'm a weird man because I think I'm weird. Weird because I can be cool as ice and next lava hot in the inside. Oh, please not in my pants. I'm talking about attitude. Hopefully nobody care enough to read my post here, but last 4 days, I saw someone who are on top of the management acted like wet rat in the meeting room. And his eyes become big as an owl when I talk casually with the big shot. Mesmerized with me? I hope not.

Ok got to go now. Lets end this weird talk.

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Eleven eleven eleven

A day to remember or to forget? Depends on the people, because I just attend a wedding this afternoon. Beyond it, I know some people will try to forget this day as maybe something horrible happen to them. Such as, I saw some one RV breaking down , and surely they will need rv repair and that will cost lots of money.

Now I'm going to have a drink with my former teacher to have some meet up and updates. Memorable memory? We will see along the way...

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Nineteen more days

I'm counting down to my next pay check. I'm because we are broke. Not because I don't manage my money. I just don't want to say this, but I think I need to blame my govt for not trying to help their people. Ask another Malaysian for what their wrong doing to us.

Oh, another things, I almost FUBAR last month. 11th Oct was the date I will remember. I don't want to mention anything here but I think it is rather just as I stepped to a big pile of shit. Luckily, (so far) I didn't have to pay RM300 for it. It might worth ford transit custom floor mats for some...

Another things, I think one of my assignment has been taken away. And more appear in my list. Good news indeed...

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