Ten Eleven Eleven

I almost forgot that I have due thing to be told to all. My boy are going to be two years old next month.  And you might guess it right, the title above is the date exactly.

Oh boy, time really fly fast. He grown up just before your eyes. Soon I will need personalized mens gifts just for him. Well that would be more like 16 years more form now. I wonder, what kind of man he would be.

As for me, life must go on and I just can only pray that life would treating me good. Both for wife and me. Maybe have another kids in near future?

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Long overdue "AL"

A simple abbreviation that translate to Annual Leave. Some will smile when they sees it on the white board, while some will curse. Especially when their off days coincides to the date stated. Usually the "AL" things will be rejected by those who needs the well earn off day, but as now, we have to forgo it as we already made a silent packed to relieve anyone who take leave.

I do have 10 more Annual leave, and as now, it is already October. I planned to take it on Christmas day but someone already taken TWO week off ! Does make sense but one didn't make sense, the person who took the leave has been doing it for 13 years long without giving any one chances to take Christmas leave.

Only if I can find Audiologist Jobs, I might have plenty off day ahead... who knows...

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