Awkard moments

I've been in the new environment for couple of months now. And I was surprise that my new place, like to make conference calls. But the way that they do it, it was awkward because you see, it is a big company (No, I can't mention what company but I think you know about it already) and they can invest a webcam for each person they want them to have 'meetings' almost every week, and just fully utilized the internet connection that they pay every month! Or better still, just do conference calls at Zip conferencing.

They always says that they wanted to cut cost, (and make us suffer for it while they smiling away in their monkey suits and heavy luggage traveling just for monthly meeting that lasts for only few hours) but IF you , the internet and gadget geeks sees it, you will be smiling all day looking at their lack of intelligent. Or shall I say, IDIOTS.

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