Sleep you sleepy eyes....

I got to update this blog so that I won't be dismissed as MIA. As now, I'm too sleepy to continue to make a long story. Just because I will be having two days off next two days, I'm generally exhausted for the long working days for the past three month.

Oh yes, Sean Taro grow up pretty quickly. Grow up before my eyes. Work are pretty hectic and I barely have any time for family. Should have give my wife Swarovski Crystal beads as our anniversary next month, or is it December? Ops... something that I shouldn't forgotten... :P

Got to go now....  (It's hot now and it is on 31 C)
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Back to normal days...

Never happen in my life that something good that has been heard in the morning will happen in the afternoon. And that is less than 8 hours. The good news is, our schedule are back to the previous one , that is four days of working follows with TWO days of off days. Working hour is 9.5 hour per day.

The only downside is, our overtime would be lesser and almost being eliminated. Only if someone taking annual leave, that would be a bonus for those who relieve the shift. Enough rest and less money, Not good for my best netbooks plan. Less money to earn , less things can be bought.

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Breaking your back for a house of your own

Yes, now I'm working hard to earn a house for my own. Just that we can have plenty of rooms to use and plenty of space to tidy up the mess. And I can put on undermount stainless sinks so beautiful that my family envy me.

But alas, the money we earn now are not suffice enough to make you survived for a month. Not for a married couple with a child. Not with two kids running around. And we have to accept facts that property prices here in Sabah are ridiculously expensive.

Look like we are doom not to have our own house in the couple of years more.

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My Nokia almost died on me.

All the covers that should have been in place already missing without a trace. The function now are not the state in the art already. Surfing the internet are more like moving in snail pace. Maybe it is time to move on to samsung cell phones.

But I fancy HTC cell phones. Fancy about it but no funds to buy it. I think I should stick to my trusted E71 Nokia instead. Well, cost of living are now higher than you can imagine. You basically working for your petrol fare for working. See you work your ass out to make other people rich and you just barely get extra for your food.

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Empty promises

I don't think I'm going to wait anymore. The things has been postponed numerous time already and there is no point of hoping for it anyway. I'm talking about my enrollment to TAS Academy scheduled for his month.

It was suppose to start next week and I haven't got any news about my scholarship. Numerous calls have been made to the admins but they ask me to wait for their phone calls. They think this is just like birthday invitations.

I need to submit my resignation letter and serve it for a month before I can join them. As far as I know now, I lose hope for it. I think I should start to forget it now.

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Happy Merdeka Day

Happy 54 birthday Malaya.

You maybe surprised with that statement. But mind you that I'm from North Borneo and North Borneo only get it's independent on 1963. Surprise, surprise, I'm getting old and now I remember history.

Well, congrats to all Merdeka babies that were born on the sacred 31st August date. They should have get birth announcements services. Because they are very special.

Now as our economy are getting worst and the men in suits says we are getting better, I think I should bring out a golden words that I've heard from the tv just now,

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do to your country." - JFK

Well, get your ass out of here and get yourself registered as a voter, vote your choice.

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Awkard moments

I've been in the new environment for couple of months now. And I was surprise that my new place, like to make conference calls. But the way that they do it, it was awkward because you see, it is a big company (No, I can't mention what company but I think you know about it already) and they can invest a webcam for each person they want them to have 'meetings' almost every week, and just fully utilized the internet connection that they pay every month! Or better still, just do conference calls at Zip conferencing.

They always says that they wanted to cut cost, (and make us suffer for it while they smiling away in their monkey suits and heavy luggage traveling just for monthly meeting that lasts for only few hours) but IF you , the internet and gadget geeks sees it, you will be smiling all day looking at their lack of intelligent. Or shall I say, IDIOTS.

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