Post 7K run

I did my run! From start to finishing line, I've run alone. Now, I made up my mind to always run alone. Since there is nobody can hog you down or forcing you to run with their pace. I think this is another achievement for me since started running in 2010. Kinda slow but at least there is some progress.

Tell you the truth, I didn't do any preparation. My last run was a week ago. And that is less than 7km. I guess it's all in your mind. If you can set your mind that you can finish it, you almost done it already. Just as when you do truck job, you need to get it ready mentally and physically.

Was hoping to get the first prize lucky draw though but well, we ain't got lucky this time.

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maslight said...

Job well done. Next year we run sama sama, bukan ikut pace but meet up masa beginning and ending lol XD