Weird but true...

Never in my life that I ever heard this kind of insurance. What I mean is engagement ring insurance. Probably it is because it's going to be precious than the love or something else instead.

Marriage is not just to unite man and woman. It is a life long commitment and life time suffering, in my own words. Lots of youngster or young adult out there still didn't understand the real meaning of love. In my country, I've heard about someone committed suicide just because he was being rejected by a young girl. Well, I think, if he didn't do it at the first place, he probably get the real taste of the suffering in committing life long relationship.

As for me, I just gone through 1% of the process. Now I know how hard it is having a child and you have to sacrifice everything for his own good.

This post I dedicate to my old friend who just sing off his life long journey at our local registrar today. 99% chances that he will never read this post.

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