Sugar up 20 cent!

I don't know whether to be happy or sad about this news but it is surely gonna be a bad news for everyone who earn below RM1500. Just few days after 'premium' petrol fuel RON97 increase another 20 cent, to make it RM1 more expensive than RON95 fuel.

I use RON97 and usually I fill about 20 liters for my Kancil. Now with the RM1 difference, I have to choose RON95 for my daily use. I have to admit, even though RON97 are more fuel efficient than RON95, the price difference force me to change. Because in one year I might have save money enough to buy blackberry tablet. 

But now, since sugar price also increased, I know the money that we can save will also gone. It is going to impact not only the local coffee shop, they definitely increase their price, all necessary items like baby milk,  Milo, canned food will increase.

One thing will never increase. Our salary. The private company workers will never recover from this. 

It's time for Malaysian to change...

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