Don't think that you can be a hero

I hope that no body in my place read my blog. Because last Monday, I skipped my duty because I thought I can be a hero. Drinking session few hours before my shift.

Truly create a havoc. Woke up 10 minutes after I suppose to be in the terminal, and smells like an open bottle. I can even smell my own breath when I started my car engine. Luckily my head are still functioning, I just made an emergency phone calls (and also can ruin someone perfectly day of off duty) and a visit to the doc, I get another rest day. But one thing for sure, if I continue doing this, not only I will never get to get myself and family custom laptops, I can ruin my whole life.

So I've learn something that day. Never ever accept your friends challenge to have drinks with them while you need to get up early in the morning and they don't because it is public holiday.

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