Life insurance!

Hopefully I get the sponsorship this July and finally stop being an jackass at my work place. And with that, I will be penniless and have to start my own business to support my family. Then I need to find a way to finance my family insurance. I wonder if anyone can offer me an installment payment since I can't pay my insurance on time.

Okay, I need to rest now. Maybe you can read my nonsense post in the near future. I need to get my sleep now and work till I knock on the plane and my company got to sack me and pay the airline company a fortune. Suck a worst place to be now.

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Not sure when can I get this jewelery

I just blow up another RM98 for my car service. It was just started when I can't start my car this morning. Even my dream of getting mens diamond watches in near future are shattered. Hell, even my dream of getting a new LED TV are far away from my reach!

I've been spying on someone profile and what did I found? He is still flamboyant as ever and never think about his future. I think that is the way how rich people are behave anyway. Such an instant gratification person. The way he spend money are like nothing. I don't think so he should earn that money. He just ruining others life with his wrong doing. Ruining his own future in the process.

Okay, enough rant. I need to get this things done fast!

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Weird but true...

Never in my life that I ever heard this kind of insurance. What I mean is engagement ring insurance. Probably it is because it's going to be precious than the love or something else instead.

Marriage is not just to unite man and woman. It is a life long commitment and life time suffering, in my own words. Lots of youngster or young adult out there still didn't understand the real meaning of love. In my country, I've heard about someone committed suicide just because he was being rejected by a young girl. Well, I think, if he didn't do it at the first place, he probably get the real taste of the suffering in committing life long relationship.

As for me, I just gone through 1% of the process. Now I know how hard it is having a child and you have to sacrifice everything for his own good.

This post I dedicate to my old friend who just sing off his life long journey at our local registrar today. 99% chances that he will never read this post.

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Work out no more

I can't go work out anymore because my work nature. I think I will need micrometers to check on my flab that I would say growing back. even that things only measure things that they were made for, but I don't need to double check the numbers again.

Wish I could get proper time to do my run again. Unless I quit from them. Maybe I should. Or maybe I would. Maybe...

Sooner or later, someone will call again and asked me to fly within 7 days. Who knows...

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Nice to see but no money to buy

Almost tempted to buy those Nike Boots but as my title said, only in my dream.

Been going window shopping today with my wife and son after begging with the arrogant staff to switch shift, and guess what did we found? An LCD TV on sale with only RM1099 on the price tag! Then after seeing the 3D TV, we also tempted to buy it. We even try to work out our won budget but we can't even save Rm50 on monthly basis since the fuel hike.

Well, there will always next time for us.

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Could you fly to Vietnam this Saturday?

Have you ever dream getting a park model trailers? Well, mine almost come true. Until they asked me to fly this Saturday.

I've been called by a company that wanted a new recruit. The only things that caught me by surprise was, they asked me to fly to Vietnam this Saturday. I know I can do it but I just can't. I don't want to just run away from my current place because it will bring them disaster. What more, one of my work mate just got Stroke last week. We left short handed with our work.

How I wish that I could have been one of them flying to Vietnam. Not my luck though. Better prepared next time.

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Last rant of the day

this will be my last rant of the day. My off day. Because tomorrow I need to wake up 4 AM and reach office at 5 AM before proceeding to refuel AirAsia aircraft going to Taipei at 5.30 AM.

Did I mention to you that I lose weight without doing any exercise? I lost 2 KG in a single month without doing anything except working. Not even need to buy lipozene. Stressed and fatigue eats all my fats.

That is my final rant of the day. Tune in for the next same rant later this week...

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Lost at words

I'm lost at words nowadays. Couldn't think of a good word to be spoken or write (or I should say 'type') here. Hardly got any time to be sitting down and think on what to write. I'm happy with my life but not happy with this kind of financial and economy situation.

What more, my shift that the management give to me makes me unhappy. First, it's gonna be a tiring of most of us and if someone taking annual leave, everyone will have to relieve that person leaving us to work more than nine days stretch. Maybe a lawyer tucson can help us when they really in deep shit that they created. Leaving us without rest can do more harm than they have to obey the upper level of management.

See, my rant is still evolving on my shift ...

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Special carving...

I'm craving for chocolate strawberries but I'm broke. Not even a chocolate bar I can buy. Because petrol price has increase, all the necessary things has gone up.

But I still want that sweet things. Just click on that like and you will know what I'm talking about. I think I have to resort on my final cache of Milo. Gotta mix it with little water, and put it in the freezer and wait till it is cold and hard enough to be like a chocolate.

Poor me...

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I missed my old life

When I say about that, I'm talking about my life as a musician. I used to be active serving at the church. More over on special occasion like Easter Mass, Christmas Mass and everything special. This year, I cannot make it due to my work. And to be honest I missed Easter time when they hunt for the Easter eggs.

Also when they are busy making Easter sales. Making small badge to be sold before mass started. Also selling candles to be lit during the mass. And I did found this
online Easter gifts that also seems to be interesting.

I think I think too much...

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And the rant begin...

I'm surprise to see that I've got lots of assignment this past few weeks. Lots of assignment means more moolah for me. Hell, I can even dream of getting a motor home for me. Then after that I can think till my hair gone on how to get cheaper motorhome repair.

See, today I'm on my off day. Supposedly I should have been sitting on a hall, looking halfheartedly at the Fire officer at Airport Fire Station talking about fire fighting. Come on Boss, I only got a day off day. Don't kill us with this nonsense asking us to sacrifice our off day for your own safety. Even your assistant didn't even think about safety when he do the schedule. One day off and you still want us to go to hear all this nonsense?

Well, there goes my first rant.

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Late night standby

Here I am. First time blogging in the new office. And blogging in the middle of the night. Been asked to wait for shipment of Jet A-1 fuel that suppose to end at 1 AM but still got no news of it.

Luckily I'm on off day and I can wait for the overtime pay. Only till 2 AM though as my eyes are becoming weary. Next thing I will need to buy the best eye cream for dark circles that developed today. Well, kinda sucks anyway.

I were asked to attend Firefighting course tomorrow but to hell with it, I only have one day off and I'm not going to sacrifice my precious off day just for that.And I still have another five assignment to be done in 24 hours.

Let's see if I can finish it in due time.

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The conflict within

We would never know what will happen to us in the future. We thought that we will never change. When time past us by, we often don't realized but we changed.

Through this blog, I can see my changes. Year to year, I've changed from a carefree guy to a critical minded and at this time, struggling or I may say , desperate. Being the leader of the family can sometimes be cruel. You have to choose your way to survive. Your way to earn more for your family. Your sacrifice for your family.

I've missed a lot of opportunity. Missed lots of opportunity because of empty promises. Promises that I thought can lead me to a good life. But I was wrong. Wrong to accept all the promises in the first place without thinking about the future. Wrong because I should have follow my instinct that I can't believe them all. Now, I've learn not to believe any promises and not to make any.

Furthering my study is my last resort. It is because with this current economy, I know my family couldn't survive. I just don't want to be just like this. I want our life to be improved. Our kid must have a brighter future. If I just can do this opportunity online just like this online it degree, maybe it will be easier for me. But then, sacrifice must be made.

Maybe if I took this online it degree, I can get a degree and get better salary. One thing for sure, I just don't have the money to do it anymore. But...

Sometimes, we must do anything so that others will survive.

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Sugar up 20 cent!

I don't know whether to be happy or sad about this news but it is surely gonna be a bad news for everyone who earn below RM1500. Just few days after 'premium' petrol fuel RON97 increase another 20 cent, to make it RM1 more expensive than RON95 fuel.

I use RON97 and usually I fill about 20 liters for my Kancil. Now with the RM1 difference, I have to choose RON95 for my daily use. I have to admit, even though RON97 are more fuel efficient than RON95, the price difference force me to change. Because in one year I might have save money enough to buy blackberry tablet. 

But now, since sugar price also increased, I know the money that we can save will also gone. It is going to impact not only the local coffee shop, they definitely increase their price, all necessary items like baby milk,  Milo, canned food will increase.

One thing will never increase. Our salary. The private company workers will never recover from this. 

It's time for Malaysian to change...

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Let the game begin....

Another job hunt season for me. Since the new schedule are out and they changed the off days and not treating us, the contract staff, like them, and giving us one day off instead of two like themselves. I think accident are waiting to happen when they just give out one day off.

Probably the manager only think that we are 'required' to work as stated in the contract.  But they like forgotten that safety is the most sought after in this like of business. And as if they don't know, fatigue always translate to accident. And hey, law says we only work not more than 48 hours per week, they give us minimum 9 working hours per day, six day a week! That is 54 hours per week, ass hole! Next month you will meet Socso staff...

So before anything bad happen to me, I better start off to find another

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Another email flies out today

Got a message from a friend of mine in KL saying that a telecommunication company are hiring people in Kota Kinabalu. I'm very thankful of her for the information because I will need lots of vacancy to apply before I can finally leave my current place.

That vacancy will, again, required me to meet customers. Yet the things that I surely be glad not doing it again is, to sell things to other people. But selling product can make money though, as commission are better than selling retail. I heard that selling medical equipment also can make good money. Just that I don't have the experience to sell it yet. And I swear I don't like selling to people. Well...

Pray for me so that I can get that job! Thank you!

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My best friend is getting married

He is getting married this end of the year and I'm thinking about giving both of them a plus size intimate apparel just for fun.

Creative in giving present can be ice breaker for the newlyweds. Especially when we are trying to make the bridegroom drunk before their "first night". Just hope it won't back fire later on. :P

Hope that I can get leave on that day!

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Unfortunate situation...

Today, I've made one phone calls to Miri. And to my dismay, just as my medical has expired, the manager told me that if I wanted to secure the job, I need to renew my medical. But then I think it would be a waste of money if I renew it before I know whether I got the job already or not. So to be on a safe side, I send my application letter stating that I will renew it when they decided to hire me. Fair enough?

Another thing, I just found out that there is a thing called feather flags. I never saw it anywhere in KK but it surely a good thing for advertising company. I think it would be nicer to see it at the beach. Good advertising material. Maybe, I should have restarted my advertising business.

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Old before my time

Been thinking too much nowadays. Stressed too much. Might need to useanti aging products to hide my wrinkles.

My life now really circling around mundane circle of life. Wake up, work, back home, rest, Sean and sleep. Hardly any time for anything. Fishing? Soon, it will be a thing in my past. No time at all. Even if we have the time, money wouldn't allow us to do it.

Hearing the flying things makes my heart ache. Because it reminds me the big responsibility that I can't be late for them. Better be early or else some one will be late to come home, or meeting people that they love.

Should have known better.

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So much work, so little time

I'm currently enjoying my off day today while thinking how am I going to go through another nine days of working day ahead. Not that I don't like it but the nature of job makes me hate it. How I wish I'm working in a ranch, wearing english riding boots and only need to take care of horses all day long.

Not saying I didn't listen to their advise before I do accept the offer. But it all too soon for us to take the heavy responsibility. Well, no use of  thinking about it now. Life must go on. I think the faster I accept the fact that we are being treated like that, the better I goes along with the job.

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Don't think that you can be a hero

I hope that no body in my place read my blog. Because last Monday, I skipped my duty because I thought I can be a hero. Drinking session few hours before my shift.

Truly create a havoc. Woke up 10 minutes after I suppose to be in the terminal, and smells like an open bottle. I can even smell my own breath when I started my car engine. Luckily my head are still functioning, I just made an emergency phone calls (and also can ruin someone perfectly day of off duty) and a visit to the doc, I get another rest day. But one thing for sure, if I continue doing this, not only I will never get to get myself and family custom laptops, I can ruin my whole life.

So I've learn something that day. Never ever accept your friends challenge to have drinks with them while you need to get up early in the morning and they don't because it is public holiday.

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