My oh my....

I almost forgot that I have this blog that needs to be updated weekly. My job has taking it's toll at me. I know, I've been neglecting my blog for a long time.

You see that now I'm working on shift and no longer sitting in the office. Took up another challenging job instead of sitting in the comfortable chair in the air conditioning office and switching to work under the sun. Not my choice of job though.

Recently I've been offered to further my study in an Oil and Gas academy in electrical field. Suppose it is on sponsorship but they failed to get any and asked me to apply for scholarship instead. The class would start on June but till now I haven't yet get any news on my scholarship application. I know it is going to be hard when I go on study again. Financial would be tight! But soon after the things over, I can dream of getting Corelle as my kitchen items.

As now, I just continue on my job and see if I can get another good offer from the sea.

Hope that I can update more in the near future. See ya.

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maslight said...

I'm neglecting my blog, been bz with training.

LeeJB said...

We all have the same problem. Not enough time to update kan.