Another episodes of waiting games

Did I mention that I've been contacted by an oil and Gas Academy recently? I did submit my application to them last year October and last month, they interview me through the phone. After two week later, they called me again to inform me that I just got a place with them but with one problem. They didn't get any sponsorship and ask me to apply for scholarship.

Now, it is already a month that I sent my scholarship application to them. I found out that I'm not suppose to qualify to apply for the scholarship but hopefully the Academy can get me through. Maybe I should send them pink flower delivery to them.

I'm really hoping that I can get this one. Because I did go to Sabah Oil & Gas Terminal this afternoon just to ask if any job that I can apply there. To my dismay, the HR person told me that I don't have any expertise. Since I only get BOSET cert, I should apply for offshore job instead.

Please excuse my mental unstable situation. Being stressed with my current job.

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