Another episodes of waiting games

Did I mention that I've been contacted by an oil and Gas Academy recently? I did submit my application to them last year October and last month, they interview me through the phone. After two week later, they called me again to inform me that I just got a place with them but with one problem. They didn't get any sponsorship and ask me to apply for scholarship.

Now, it is already a month that I sent my scholarship application to them. I found out that I'm not suppose to qualify to apply for the scholarship but hopefully the Academy can get me through. Maybe I should send them pink flower delivery to them.

I'm really hoping that I can get this one. Because I did go to Sabah Oil & Gas Terminal this afternoon just to ask if any job that I can apply there. To my dismay, the HR person told me that I don't have any expertise. Since I only get BOSET cert, I should apply for offshore job instead.

Please excuse my mental unstable situation. Being stressed with my current job.

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This bird must fly again...

Just when the new schedule are out, I know that I need to restart my job hunt again. Why, you asked, because this time I know that I shouldn't accept a contract post as it is the shittiest post that I ever heard when working alongside with permanent staff.

Fist shittiest things that I heard, we have to work more than 52 hours a week because we are paid to do that. That's why we are being paid shift allowance. Second thing, we have to do all the things that normally they do because we already outnumbered them and they want the easiest job for them. Third thing, because of the cut cost that the upper management reinforced, over time have been drastically cut. The whole shit means, work longer and being paid less.

And the most shittiest and freakiest things to be heard when you just started with them is, the possibility that you can be promoted (being absorb) as the permanent staff is 0.0001% because you get the job because you replace a person that have been forced to resign because they wanted to cut cost. The chances you can get more salary is slim because they wanted the lowest tender that the contractors can give. Lowest tender means low salary.

All and all, I need to be in job hunting mode again while smoking cheap avo cigars. After all, I have family to raise and I need a job that can give me a paycheck that I can save at least Rm200-300 permonth at the end of the month.

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My oh my....

I almost forgot that I have this blog that needs to be updated weekly. My job has taking it's toll at me. I know, I've been neglecting my blog for a long time.

You see that now I'm working on shift and no longer sitting in the office. Took up another challenging job instead of sitting in the comfortable chair in the air conditioning office and switching to work under the sun. Not my choice of job though.

Recently I've been offered to further my study in an Oil and Gas academy in electrical field. Suppose it is on sponsorship but they failed to get any and asked me to apply for scholarship instead. The class would start on June but till now I haven't yet get any news on my scholarship application. I know it is going to be hard when I go on study again. Financial would be tight! But soon after the things over, I can dream of getting Corelle as my kitchen items.

As now, I just continue on my job and see if I can get another good offer from the sea.

Hope that I can update more in the near future. See ya.

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