Starting a new chapter!

Last post of the day.

As I've taken a new pathway, I've decided to get a new watch to mark the new time of the life. Actually, just to get my life a little bit easier when I need to jot down the time each time I've done the refueling. There is no use of ogling the analog watch for solid 10 second just to convert it to digital 24 hours time.

Can't remember the price!
My choice Wife choice of Casio watch. Price around RM280. And the analog always covered the digital when I really need it. Ironic? But I don't fancy rubber wristband. So no other choices for my budget. Next time I'll be buying epson projectors, because I never get to get that LED TV that I wanted since 2009!

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The great responsibility!

Took this photo a month ago but decided to upload it today. As for last month, I thought it was to early to upload it. To early and too daring to do it earlier. But hell to it, I just upload it here today.

Got this on 3rd of January and officially our training started. At first it feels good, then it become nightmare because when we attend the ACE training then we realize that we hold part of the greatest responsibility for aircraft. if cars break down, they can stop anywhere (literally!), but if aircraft breaks down, where do they stop? Giving a acne treatment review are more easier than doing this kind of job as I know.

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A night out at Perdana Park, Tanjung Aru.

Been there recently and I have to admit it is beautifully planned and a very nice park for us. But to jog there under the hot sun can trigger my eczema because there is no big tree to give any means of shades. But then here is the picture I've taken that night.

Above is the picture of my wife, my mum and my son in the middle.

Below is the picture of the famed musical fountain.

I'm a bit disappointed because I was expecting the musical fountain would be more interesting, rather just bunch of the waters spurting out in groups. I've seen more nicer than this but, couldn't ask for more since it is free of charge.

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Different point of view

As I promise, this is the new view that I'm viewing everyday. There are more than this but due to restriction during refueling (I can't use handphone while doing it), so I will periodically show some of it later.

As you can see from the mirror, that lorry will be in my custodian soon after the job hand over later in April. As for now, I need to be accustomed to wear bump cap that can cause me to get hair loss treatment, hand glove, hi-visibility jacket and safety goggle (almost) everyday. Not to mention the heavy safety boots.My head scalp gets itchy everyday, I think it is time for me to get a haircut.

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On a hot Friday night

It's 25th of the February and I have five assignment to go. Almost forgot about it until I make a long mistake of writing of a wrong date on all of my flight receipt.

As you know that I've change my job recently and my new job are not just sitting inside the office, 9 to 5. It required me to stand outside attending airplanes which need refueling. And this can make my face full with oily residue and really in need of acne cream. And guess what, I'm an aircraft refueller working under an oil and gas company now.

Not only attending airplane, I'm also required to be in charge of filling files and was given a tanker to be in my custodian. Sounds heavy duty eh? Let me tell you more about it later on the next four post.

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Fireworks everywhere

Second Chinese New Year day is the day that I witness many fireworks display. Some are visible and some are to far away to be seen. How I wish I've got bushnell binoculars to have a good look on them.

Today is the day that we family go visit our family at the kampong while the whole family gathers to enjoy our self and updating each others. And I've eaten too many too much today. Never mind, it is only temporary sets back. I wonder if I can go swimming tomorrow.

How about your day today? As now, I'm watching Ice Kacang Puppy Love at the local TV channel.

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CNY aftermath

Every year, our family will celebrate Chinese New Year and this year are no exception. We invites family members to our open house and as you know organizing open house can be hectic and sometimes creates mayhem to your house. I don't want to go on the details here but we now need to find door hardware to replace the one that has been victim this year.

Got to go now. Time to get ready to visit others house to create another mayhem there.

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I need new wallet

I'm thinking about getting a new wallet as my wallet are almost 4 years old in use. Gonna buy something from the net to prevent from my identity being stolen by any unscrupulous electronic pickpocketing hackers.

Dealing with identity theft are very very hard. Imagine that you live in one city only to find out that you "bought" a car in the other city, across South China Sea. Doesn't mind if the other guy settles the loan in good manners, but he purposely do that to make your life harder. My friend already been a victim to it.

Maybe I will do my wallet hunt tonight. If only the shops are open today...

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Happy Chinese New Year 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 to all my reader. It is the start of the Rabbit year for the Chinese. Hopefully we all can get the good luck of this new year.

As for me, I've already got everything that I wished for since two years ago. Now it is time to wish for more financial stability for our family. As for my health, I've already achieved 45% of what I'm wishing for even though I've skipped a lot. Was thinking on how can I accelerate the 4-packs body target of mine. Maybe it is time for me to do testoripped reviews. They might works for me.

So do you enjoy your dinner tonight?

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