New shoes, new bump cap and new hi-vis vest

I'm not going into details for this post but I think you are going to figure it out anyway. Just read on...

Recently I've been checking-in to a new place. This place are quite near to my house, with driving time about 5 to 10 minutes. And the best part is, they are giving us shaded parking spot for our car! Only if they give us a place to rest for the lunch time such as cabin beds or more comfortable than that, that would be great but saving fuel would be the best part of it. No more circling around the block just to find a decent parking.

Yet only until today everything started. Sitting with the man on the projector and listening to unfamiliar terms and things, we've been bombard with a whole new things. The responsibility, not only huge, it will be humongous. One mistake and you would be FUBAR for the whole life.

To be continue again...

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