5 km in 35 minutes

I'm not an obedient runner. I can't keep my own promise to run everyday at least 3 km minimum. But this one can be my latest achievement since May 2010. I've run 5 kilometer in 35 minutes! Wanna know why?

Because I change into a new shoes! It really give a big difference when running with a new shoes. I'm not saying it because it is new, but I think new shoes give full support to my feet and the 'spring' action are good. I'm gonna change my shoes every one year provided that I get enough running with it.

And today, I'm going to post up our house gym facility. I know it is just basic. At least we can sweat out everyday whenever we want.

Here is the place where I pump my small fatty muscle when my mood are good to do all the lifting. Good old carpet are our choice for the flooring. No need to buy any expensive new carpets. The gym balls are free gift (redeemed) from Bonuslink account of my sister. All the weight equipment were bought new since no one sell it second hand.

TV sets complete with Astro receiver decoder also surplus from family possession. Just make full use of it. Notice the blue baby stroller/bike there. Bought by my mum for my son. Stationary bike are free gift from purchase of the treadmill.

Pure bliss when huffing and puffing working around to remove the extra flab. And I found out that Astro channel 860 are great channel to workout with. The exact bliss when you are getting body acne treatment although I never received one. Wait, I thought getting acne on the body are the most excruciating pain that anyone can ever get? Brrr.....

And here is the proof I've run 5 km in 35 minutes (and 2 seconds)

 Fascinating? I think not. I should have achieved it under 5 minutes 3 months ago.

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