Thank you Pu2B!

To a certain company, I would like to say thank you for giving me lots of assignment this month. Finally I can get best prenatal vitamins before pregnancy to give as a present to my another sister-in-law that haven't yet get pregnant. i wanted to give it to them as a hint to them.

And also I would like to buy myself a digital watch so that I can get instant time in numbering format instead of ogling my analog watch for solid 10 second to determine the actual time during refueling. Something below RM80 and upper RM30.

And this Sunday I'm gonna take another hour in my lorry driving lesson. Hopefully can negotiate with the tutor to add 2 hours on my time.

Yet again, thank you Pu2B!

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24 laps = 10 Olympic size pool laps

Today I do get an opportunity to go swimming. Even though it was cloudy with a scattered rain, I keep on with my plan. I was surprised there is less people in the outdoor pool so I did have great time swimming alone. Get to finish 24 laps in the small pool. I'm not a good swimmer though.

My sister in low have just given birth to a healthy baby boy. Was thinking to give them football gifts. But that will cost us some more money. So I rather give the father a bottle of beer instead.

Gotta rest now before fighting through the traffic in the town.

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Coffee 'main' effect

Do you know that 3 in one coffee are not good for you health? I know because I consume it on daily basis. There are few side effect but I can only list down some of it.

One, it can make you addicted to it. Two, it can make you poorer because you need to get a fix of it twice or trice a day. Three, you dream to get beautiful contemporary coffee tables. Four, you will never get enough of it.

See, there are many side effect but this list are the most common one apart of diabetes.Hmmm.. got to reduce them slowly ...

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Kerosene vs asbestos

Must finish all the home work today.

I've run out of idea on how to do this post. It was suppose about Mesothelioma , a kind of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. I rarely seen asbestos nowadays, but I've heard some on the China made microwave are lined with asbestos inner lining. Dangerous? Yes, but they don't care as long they are making money.

Now, I'm expose to fumes from aircraft exhaust. I don't know what type of sickness that cause from it, I do know it can make me feels nausea sometimes. And my hands are always in contact with kerosene. Came home smelled like teen spirit burnt charcoal doused with kerosene.

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I've got lots of debts that I don't know how to repay them. I'm not gonna tell what kind of debts but it is definitely involving money. I 'm really hoping that there is a debt settlement programs that can solved my problems.

As now, I keep on trying to get a steady income and try to save anything I can but in this on going political uncertainties here in my country, I guess getting rich are far beyond an imagination. The rich getting richer, the poor getting more and more poorer. One litre liter of petrol cost Rm2.40 today. One cup of iced Milo cost RM2.00. Cheap?

Please don't resort to loan sharks. You might ended somewhere in the unnamed grave.

And I just found out I always spelled "Liters" wrongly. Am I dumb or stupid? There goes the wrongly spelled fuel chit.

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Slimming down failed

I'm not saying that I'm a failure. But I think my slimming down program has failed. I've skipped too much on it and now, I can feel my flab are getting bigger millimeter by millimeter each day. Time to get weight loss supplement reviews perhaps?

But having to get up early and demanding job are one of the real contribute to my increasingly waist size. I have to eat my breakfast for energy to lift up the couplings. And lunch, got to have it to replace the reserved energy that have been used during the early day.

Now I'm resorting to skip my dinner. Just to cut down my calories and fat.

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As if the weather knows

I've already pack for the fastest fat burning exercises that I've known well to my body, that is swimming, last night and I know that the weather will dampen my sport spirit. Not surprising that it has been raining since last night.

I have to take chances to the timing of my work shift that starts at 5 in the morning. Yes, that is the big 5 AM! Never have crossed in my mind that I have to wake up as early as 4 a.m in the morning to go to work. But I tell you, I'm not the only one. I've saw more than 20 people have to get up the same time as me.

Shift ended at 2.30 pm but the sky still gloomy. Hopefully tomorrow will be a great day to swim.

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Good news on my current account

The wait has ended today. Finally I get the relieve that I've been waiting for. Now I can get cooking tools for our new kitchen. And I can buy necessary things to brighten up our kitchen area.

Even though it was a little less then the previous place, at least it is on time. Rather than have to remind the top post about our salary and getting a 'whack' sms from him, this time it was quite and on time.

The place that I work on now are rather hectic but I don't need to think about sales, servicing or any thing about marketing. Even though we are selling product, this time,  the customers need it to get their client getting places. Thousand miles away, a clue for you to guess.  One day, maybe one day, I will upload a picture of me at my new view of working days.

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Eating too much chilli is not a good idea

Woke up in the middle of the night and getting stomach ache is not a good thing. But this is the price that I have to pay for eating chilli too much few hours ago. Instead of staring ceiling lights, I stare toilet door knob every 5 minutes for 4 times already. And believe me, while I'm there, I remember that this post must be up before sunrise. So here you have this post here.

18 hours before, I got myself a sprained  ankle while I was fishing at Petagas River. Got myself in the slippery  situation while casting out a popper in an unfamiliarize place. Doing the break dance in a slow motion, and walla, sprained ankle. Done the massage to relieve the pain and now the ankle almost heal. So no running for 2 days for me.

Okay, job done, got to sleep now. Bye.

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Absent without leave

Skipped my running regime due to unforeseen time consuming problems for four consecutive days. And I've been wearing my safety shoes for more than 6 hours today. I can see my tummy grow slightly bigger than last month.

I think I need quick weight loss pills to accelerate my weight loss program. Hopefully my new pants will still "in my size" after Chinese New Year. Hope fully it will.

Please excuse my words, I need to get a rest right now.I might lose my mind in any minute,,,

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Class E, baby...

I almost forgot to do all the assignment that have been assign to me today. Only if I've forgot to do it in another day, I might lose it all. Anyway, let me update my current status.

Currently I'm getting an E class of driving license. That means I can drive a bigger construction vehicle, that is more than 10 tonne. And the way I drove it can make car insurance companies to panic. Just imagine a newbie driving a big badass lorry.

Unluckily, I can't finish it all in one week. I need to follow their schedule, one day in a week of practice. And have to wait for another month to make an appointment to the local road authority to get the exam.

Got to go now, I will post up some again tonight.

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5 km in 35 minutes

I'm not an obedient runner. I can't keep my own promise to run everyday at least 3 km minimum. But this one can be my latest achievement since May 2010. I've run 5 kilometer in 35 minutes! Wanna know why?

Because I change into a new shoes! It really give a big difference when running with a new shoes. I'm not saying it because it is new, but I think new shoes give full support to my feet and the 'spring' action are good. I'm gonna change my shoes every one year provided that I get enough running with it.

And today, I'm going to post up our house gym facility. I know it is just basic. At least we can sweat out everyday whenever we want.

Here is the place where I pump my small fatty muscle when my mood are good to do all the lifting. Good old carpet are our choice for the flooring. No need to buy any expensive new carpets. The gym balls are free gift (redeemed) from Bonuslink account of my sister. All the weight equipment were bought new since no one sell it second hand.

TV sets complete with Astro receiver decoder also surplus from family possession. Just make full use of it. Notice the blue baby stroller/bike there. Bought by my mum for my son. Stationary bike are free gift from purchase of the treadmill.

Pure bliss when huffing and puffing working around to remove the extra flab. And I found out that Astro channel 860 are great channel to workout with. The exact bliss when you are getting body acne treatment although I never received one. Wait, I thought getting acne on the body are the most excruciating pain that anyone can ever get? Brrr.....

And here is the proof I've run 5 km in 35 minutes (and 2 seconds)

 Fascinating? I think not. I should have achieved it under 5 minutes 3 months ago.

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Looking forward for a relaxation...

As now, I feels so tired and I have to cancel my workout today. I'm still adjusting my new workplace timing. I can say it is too damn early but that is normal for everyone who work 7 to 5.

But I really hope that I can get through the qualifying round that will take us to the higher position. Higher position means more pay, more pay means I can afford massage therapy program online, right?

See, this is the fourth post and I feels so tired and I'm gonna resume the last two deadline post tomorrow. Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bug bite....

See ya...

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White to straw color...

Last week, we have been given new shoes, new bump cap, new hi-visibility vest and safety glove. The next day we are free to roam the place that before that we are unable to do so because of lacking the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Filtration, suspended water, JC Carter, valve, and many more to be learn. Heard that there would be family day. It could be true or maybe it is just a decoy for us. If it is really there, there would be sports trophies to be won. But we will see.

I'm wondering if it will be heaven or hell for us in the next 6 month. But everyone are giving positive respond and their face reflects their honest answer. I just hope that this new path will be blessed with good life ahead for us.

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New shoes, new bump cap and new hi-vis vest

I'm not going into details for this post but I think you are going to figure it out anyway. Just read on...

Recently I've been checking-in to a new place. This place are quite near to my house, with driving time about 5 to 10 minutes. And the best part is, they are giving us shaded parking spot for our car! Only if they give us a place to rest for the lunch time such as cabin beds or more comfortable than that, that would be great but saving fuel would be the best part of it. No more circling around the block just to find a decent parking.

Yet only until today everything started. Sitting with the man on the projector and listening to unfamiliar terms and things, we've been bombard with a whole new things. The responsibility, not only huge, it will be humongous. One mistake and you would be FUBAR for the whole life.

To be continue again...

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Hello 2011 !

Kinda late for my first post of the year. Been busy with my new path of life and adjusting to the new time plus a little bit of online auction. Not gonna tell you what are the things that I put up into the auction anyway.

There will be six post (including this one) will be up today, if my eyes still can be open by the fourth one since the deadline are fast approaching.

Yesterday, I've been text-ed by a lady that I know, welcoming me to the new found real world, so called. I really appreciated her for that. I know I really need this new experience. Been stuck to the old one can make you feels very old before your time. Plus the 'hiccups' that the leaders make can make us feels nausea. 

To be continue on the next post...

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