And my waist up by one inch

Not due to holidays, but due to less work load. Less aircraft to be refuel, less movement, more time to gain weight. But My weight statically stay between 82.4 to 81.4 KG. Well that would be more than 1 KG last December.

Maybe, I need to learn yoga to curb idleness in between my working hours. Should buy yoga blankets while they still have discounts for it.

I need to be 75 KG by middle of next year. I determine to, next year.

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Nothing beats the feelings getting a new mobile phone especially a smart phone. But all can came crashing though when you know you ain't got the money to get one.

This happen to me every time. Two of my colleague bought Android phone and tablet recently and one of them lucky enough to get one as a second hand phone half the original price!

Make me more energetic to do more 'over time' work and sell off some of my bank notes collections. Well cheer me up by Send Flowers to me.

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Broken shoelace

 Just broke a shoelace of my safety shoes and that signifies relentless working hours. I can proof to you that we are like working everyday just showing my feet.

No, it is just to disgusting to show my feet here in the internet. I wonder if I can persuade my supervisor to get chippewa boots for our safety shoes next year. We were allocated Rm1000 a year just for safety boots. That's roughly about 330USD.

Only if...

Wish they can give us extra uniform as three pair cannot survive for a year.

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Free bird 2011

I'm not talking about getting another Free Bird session here. I've done it last year.

What I really mean is this....

Gigantic. But do you know that this aircraft actually own by Malaysia airlines? Sure gonna use a hell of a metal step stools just to reach the refueling point. Last time, they use to do that. Now , we won't.  

Monkey doing his monkey business... Mind the sign at bottom right of the picture. NO SMOKING! Thank you for reminding us, the smoker. Just because at the back of the vehicle is about 10 tonnes of fuels. You will be burn and disintegrate beyond recognition. Smoking can wait. 

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Almost a year since...

Pure laziness.

Why, would you ask? Because, I engaged myself to FaceBook games and work, workouts and sleep. I have to admit, I'm sleep deprived. Shouldn't neglect this blog more often that I should but well, shit happens.

It's been a while since I post up anything interesting happen in my life. I can't differentiate anything special than not lately. Everything is special, especially when you get TWO days off from work.  You all know me too well. Sleep freak. But now, sleep deprived.

This coming 27th Dec will be my first years joining this company. So far so good, except for few hiccups. I've bang one of the airlines company little truck with my big vehicle under a foreign airline aircraft wings. Unique things to say but big headache for my manager. I went through the ordeal with little sweats and I sleep soundly without nightmare. Well, I should say my manager taken care of it smoothly. Get away with it with a warning. Without paying anything. *Sweet*

Maybe I should post up a picture here. Here you go. Hope this won't break the P&C nature of my job. :P 

Perfect view. Only for those who don't have this job. Rain or shine, we have to do it. I prefer rain. *everyday I'm shuffling suffering*

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27th Dec 2011

I know, I know, it's days away, but I can't help that it is almost a year that I've switch work place. I've been trying to get an offshore jobs for a year but I can say you will need a 'cable' as big as the Twin Tower to get one. To be honest, with a name of an 'immigrant', you hardly can get a job here. Well, Sabahan will sure know this.

Well I don't know if my luck with Tour Guide Jobs then. But alas, here am I, working in Aviation industry. One thing that I can feel is, my hearing on my left ear are getting bad :P Well, I've learn lots of things here. Learned how to work in a team, learn the safety ways of working, etc etc...

Well, I missed the traveling that I used to have, but Better have a good night sleep than always cursing the way they "helms the ship"~!

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Offdays on Saturday and Sunday

As usual, I almost forgot. I have assignment that I almost didn't know it is due by today. Well , if you have problems with your pumps (your auto pumps I mean)Just get your pumps at amt pumps. They have various pumps that is so good, you don't have to look at another website.

Now I have to get ready to work. My off day is tomorrow...

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Now you can get Ukulele in Malaysia!

This is post have been long in my draft post. I think it is time for me to dig it out and post it.

Last year, on April 2010, I did made a post about Where to get good ukulele in Malaysia. Now there would be a place to get your itchy hand on one of them.

Ukulele Malaya, would be your first stop to have it. Situated at 34A-2,Jalan SM2,Sunway Batu Caves,Batu Caves, 68100,Selangor, MALAYSIA, they have a vast brand of ukulele such as Kamaka, KoAloha, Kanilea, Ohana, Koolau , Pono, Meastro, Lanikai, Kiwaya, Kala, and Anuenue. Not only that, they also offer ukulele lesson to those who wanted to learn it. The best part of it, they also sell in package with most attractive price.

Apart of that, you also can find tuner and strings sold here. Surely beats the currency exchange when you really wanted to invest on your musical instrument. Imagine the bliss to play your ukulele by the sea side wearing your nike sunglasses. It's heaven as you can say it!

As I already have my own ukulele and some strings in my hands now, I haven't yet tried to buy anything from them. It is good to know that someone have the passion to venture into opening up a Ukulele specialized shop to cater to our needs. So to those who really wanted to have one, a good quality ukulele that worth your money, do not hesitate to contact them or better paid them a visit if you can. I now they can give you a better consultation base on your budget and needs.

Visit them at

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Pre BBQ session

Few hours more and we are going to have some laid back BBQ session. This are all to celebrate our boy Two Years Birthday. Wish that there is cute cake pops for sale as I see them as delicious and appetizing. Beats conventional cakes or cupcakes we always have.

Last night outing with my former teacher is outstanding. Emptied 5 bottles of Budweiser and wiser a little bit more. Had a serious hangover this morning, cured with a bowl of local Jawa soto bought courtesy my lovely wife. Lesson learn that we must enjoy life even if you are single or married. And never let go a girl that have 34G cup size especially if she already is in your hand. No phun intended. Haha... poor former teacher, just because the size make him intimidated to marry the girl. Scared to be called 'large breast fetish'.

Gotta go to prepared some serious chicken wings marinade.

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Weird title for weird person

I'm very sure that someone will be grateful that somewhere there will be this kind of eyelash growth products. Why, because they think that their eyelash are not long enough to seduce man. My oh my...

Okay enough about that. Let me tell you that I'm a weird man because I think I'm weird. Weird because I can be cool as ice and next lava hot in the inside. Oh, please not in my pants. I'm talking about attitude. Hopefully nobody care enough to read my post here, but last 4 days, I saw someone who are on top of the management acted like wet rat in the meeting room. And his eyes become big as an owl when I talk casually with the big shot. Mesmerized with me? I hope not.

Ok got to go now. Lets end this weird talk.

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Eleven eleven eleven

A day to remember or to forget? Depends on the people, because I just attend a wedding this afternoon. Beyond it, I know some people will try to forget this day as maybe something horrible happen to them. Such as, I saw some one RV breaking down , and surely they will need rv repair and that will cost lots of money.

Now I'm going to have a drink with my former teacher to have some meet up and updates. Memorable memory? We will see along the way...

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Nineteen more days

I'm counting down to my next pay check. I'm because we are broke. Not because I don't manage my money. I just don't want to say this, but I think I need to blame my govt for not trying to help their people. Ask another Malaysian for what their wrong doing to us.

Oh, another things, I almost FUBAR last month. 11th Oct was the date I will remember. I don't want to mention anything here but I think it is rather just as I stepped to a big pile of shit. Luckily, (so far) I didn't have to pay RM300 for it. It might worth ford transit custom floor mats for some...

Another things, I think one of my assignment has been taken away. And more appear in my list. Good news indeed...

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Ten Eleven Eleven

I almost forgot that I have due thing to be told to all. My boy are going to be two years old next month.  And you might guess it right, the title above is the date exactly.

Oh boy, time really fly fast. He grown up just before your eyes. Soon I will need personalized mens gifts just for him. Well that would be more like 16 years more form now. I wonder, what kind of man he would be.

As for me, life must go on and I just can only pray that life would treating me good. Both for wife and me. Maybe have another kids in near future?

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Long overdue "AL"

A simple abbreviation that translate to Annual Leave. Some will smile when they sees it on the white board, while some will curse. Especially when their off days coincides to the date stated. Usually the "AL" things will be rejected by those who needs the well earn off day, but as now, we have to forgo it as we already made a silent packed to relieve anyone who take leave.

I do have 10 more Annual leave, and as now, it is already October. I planned to take it on Christmas day but someone already taken TWO week off ! Does make sense but one didn't make sense, the person who took the leave has been doing it for 13 years long without giving any one chances to take Christmas leave.

Only if I can find Audiologist Jobs, I might have plenty off day ahead... who knows...

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Sleep you sleepy eyes....

I got to update this blog so that I won't be dismissed as MIA. As now, I'm too sleepy to continue to make a long story. Just because I will be having two days off next two days, I'm generally exhausted for the long working days for the past three month.

Oh yes, Sean Taro grow up pretty quickly. Grow up before my eyes. Work are pretty hectic and I barely have any time for family. Should have give my wife Swarovski Crystal beads as our anniversary next month, or is it December? Ops... something that I shouldn't forgotten... :P

Got to go now....  (It's hot now and it is on 31 C)
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Back to normal days...

Never happen in my life that something good that has been heard in the morning will happen in the afternoon. And that is less than 8 hours. The good news is, our schedule are back to the previous one , that is four days of working follows with TWO days of off days. Working hour is 9.5 hour per day.

The only downside is, our overtime would be lesser and almost being eliminated. Only if someone taking annual leave, that would be a bonus for those who relieve the shift. Enough rest and less money, Not good for my best netbooks plan. Less money to earn , less things can be bought.

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Breaking your back for a house of your own

Yes, now I'm working hard to earn a house for my own. Just that we can have plenty of rooms to use and plenty of space to tidy up the mess. And I can put on undermount stainless sinks so beautiful that my family envy me.

But alas, the money we earn now are not suffice enough to make you survived for a month. Not for a married couple with a child. Not with two kids running around. And we have to accept facts that property prices here in Sabah are ridiculously expensive.

Look like we are doom not to have our own house in the couple of years more.

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My Nokia almost died on me.

All the covers that should have been in place already missing without a trace. The function now are not the state in the art already. Surfing the internet are more like moving in snail pace. Maybe it is time to move on to samsung cell phones.

But I fancy HTC cell phones. Fancy about it but no funds to buy it. I think I should stick to my trusted E71 Nokia instead. Well, cost of living are now higher than you can imagine. You basically working for your petrol fare for working. See you work your ass out to make other people rich and you just barely get extra for your food.

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Empty promises

I don't think I'm going to wait anymore. The things has been postponed numerous time already and there is no point of hoping for it anyway. I'm talking about my enrollment to TAS Academy scheduled for his month.

It was suppose to start next week and I haven't got any news about my scholarship. Numerous calls have been made to the admins but they ask me to wait for their phone calls. They think this is just like birthday invitations.

I need to submit my resignation letter and serve it for a month before I can join them. As far as I know now, I lose hope for it. I think I should start to forget it now.

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Happy Merdeka Day

Happy 54 birthday Malaya.

You maybe surprised with that statement. But mind you that I'm from North Borneo and North Borneo only get it's independent on 1963. Surprise, surprise, I'm getting old and now I remember history.

Well, congrats to all Merdeka babies that were born on the sacred 31st August date. They should have get birth announcements services. Because they are very special.

Now as our economy are getting worst and the men in suits says we are getting better, I think I should bring out a golden words that I've heard from the tv just now,

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do to your country." - JFK

Well, get your ass out of here and get yourself registered as a voter, vote your choice.

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Awkard moments

I've been in the new environment for couple of months now. And I was surprise that my new place, like to make conference calls. But the way that they do it, it was awkward because you see, it is a big company (No, I can't mention what company but I think you know about it already) and they can invest a webcam for each person they want them to have 'meetings' almost every week, and just fully utilized the internet connection that they pay every month! Or better still, just do conference calls at Zip conferencing.

They always says that they wanted to cut cost, (and make us suffer for it while they smiling away in their monkey suits and heavy luggage traveling just for monthly meeting that lasts for only few hours) but IF you , the internet and gadget geeks sees it, you will be smiling all day looking at their lack of intelligent. Or shall I say, IDIOTS.

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Selamat Hari Raya 2011

I'm tired. Lack of sleep. even though it is holiday, I still need to work. It is because I'm not working inside an office anymore. My work now involving driving and waiting outside under the hot sun or heavy rain. yes, Rain or shine, when I was needed, I should be there. Well doesn't it qualify me to be a horse rider? Might as well get horse equipment, right?

I'm gonna missed this year lemang and all the Raya delicacies. As most of it, meeting all my cousins. Well, I tell you a secret, I earn Rm197.75 a day for this public holiday. Beat meeting them all :)

Again, Selamat Hari Raya to all of you out there....

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Chat wall have to go

The chat wall has to go. It doesn't serve it's purpose anymore. And all the unscrupulous people are leaving stupid link to it. I'm not opposing to promoting your site, but you never promote my site. So you must go away...

And here is something that I found out at the net. For those who works as nurse and wanted to search for uniforms, you can try to this medical uniforms site. Plenty of design to choose. Only if I'm a nurse myself, ait?

Chat wall deleted from today onwards.

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August post

Well, it's been a while that I update this blog. So little time, so much to do. I'm still alive and well. Currently I'm waiting for an Oil and Gas Academy to contact me for my scholarship and hopefully, I can start my life as a student again next month.

Some people said, it is going to be hard but I guess this is my only opportunity to upgrade my life. Who know near future I can get a top insurance providers online services. Just because my financial can next time.

Well, it's time for me to go now. Can't sit on the PC for too long. Lots of jobs to do.

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Should I or should not?

I'm dying to have my own house. My very own house that I can put up house address plaques in front of it. My problem is, I don't think my current job will ever make my dream come true.

I saw one advertisement at Facebook stating that a person currently searching for a number of people to be trained for shipping industries. As we know, shipping career requires you to leave your family for a few month and then earn big money. With my son now growing up, can I leave them and chase my dream? Will I ?

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I want to have some barbecue!

After the run, I'm carving for barbecue! And I think I will need a good electric grill because charcoal is expensive. You can almost buy barbecue foods outside with the price you have to pay for the charcoal.

Damn, I'm hungry. I better get ready to go buy some barbecued chicken wings. Better get it fast, need to get home early and get to sleep because I'm working on SUNDAY!

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Post 7K run

I did my run! From start to finishing line, I've run alone. Now, I made up my mind to always run alone. Since there is nobody can hog you down or forcing you to run with their pace. I think this is another achievement for me since started running in 2010. Kinda slow but at least there is some progress.

Tell you the truth, I didn't do any preparation. My last run was a week ago. And that is less than 7km. I guess it's all in your mind. If you can set your mind that you can finish it, you almost done it already. Just as when you do truck job, you need to get it ready mentally and physically.

Was hoping to get the first prize lucky draw though but well, we ain't got lucky this time.

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Sneezing pre 7K Run....

Woke up this morning and was sneezing until now. Is the summer here already? Should I go and seeaustin allergist now?

Well, today is my off day after working 5 days in a row. Couldn't be better than having an off day after working under the hot sun. The story above is true, I've been sneezing for good 1 hour already. How am I going to get myself ready for the 7KM Run today? Just hope my body still can bear the running heat. Gotta get myself early later for a good parking spot.

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Tummy getting bigger

I think it is time for me to find diet pill that works fast. Why you asked me, because I didn't do my workout for like more than 3 weeks and my tummy started to get bigger again.

Working shift isn't fun when you wanted to get fit. Because the irregularity time that you have to work, you can't get a fix time to do it all. Just when you get back form work, you already tired. when you really have the time to do it, then you remember something urgent needed to be done soon.


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Pre-7K Run remark

Should have started running two weeks ago. Back from work still feels tired and no mood. Now my flab at my tummy started to grow big again. Today, should have been rested and run again, but have to do this free online dating things. In no mood but have to do it anyway.

I think I'm doomed to walk the entire 7 km run. Well, it's going to be a free sight seeing event anyway!

Oh and by the way, I think I should shut off the chat column. It is being messed up by people who wants free advertising.

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Got to get new clothing...

It is too obvious that I need to change my wardrobe after loosing more than 10 KG for the past 1 year. After a spring cleaning that needs me to have all my clothing to be washed, nearly 90% of them are bigger one and half size of me. I wonder how on earth that I can get that big last time.

And now I'm attracted to parish clothing that offers me lots of brands that can be found at outside market. I think it is time for me to do some online shopping again.

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My brother are going to graduate next month

Well he is a fine gentleman. Always wacky but smart in organizing things. He will be graduating this month. Only if he know about Personal Creations Graduation gifts , he will be ecstatic to send gift to his friends. But in short notice and lack of money, maybe a simple chocolate would be okay.

We will be celebrating his graduation later. As our jobs schedule are always not in sync with everyone, we will try to get a date to have dinner together with all the family member.

Wish that I've got the opportunity to proof myself. -Sigh...-

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Proud owner of an LCD TV!

Yes, as the title said, bought it on 8th June 2011 at Karamunsing Complex at RM1550 including the wireless WiFi dongle. Nearly end up buying the ordinary one but wife persuaded me to get the so called 'internet TV'. Even though the decision really make us eating instant mee everyday until this end of the month, the satisfaction couldn't be expressed with words.

Even this good offer from Téléphones cellulaires can't give us the great feeling that we feels now.

Wanna know what kind and brand of TV we get? Here it is...

Sony Bravia KDL-32CX520

It is really kick ass! Plus when you hooked it up with your laptop and watch movie from it, it is really boggling your mind!

Sorry for my excitements because I'm still new for this technologies. :P

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Life insurance!

Hopefully I get the sponsorship this July and finally stop being an jackass at my work place. And with that, I will be penniless and have to start my own business to support my family. Then I need to find a way to finance my family insurance. I wonder if anyone can offer me an installment payment since I can't pay my insurance on time.

Okay, I need to rest now. Maybe you can read my nonsense post in the near future. I need to get my sleep now and work till I knock on the plane and my company got to sack me and pay the airline company a fortune. Suck a worst place to be now.

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Not sure when can I get this jewelery

I just blow up another RM98 for my car service. It was just started when I can't start my car this morning. Even my dream of getting mens diamond watches in near future are shattered. Hell, even my dream of getting a new LED TV are far away from my reach!

I've been spying on someone profile and what did I found? He is still flamboyant as ever and never think about his future. I think that is the way how rich people are behave anyway. Such an instant gratification person. The way he spend money are like nothing. I don't think so he should earn that money. He just ruining others life with his wrong doing. Ruining his own future in the process.

Okay, enough rant. I need to get this things done fast!

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Weird but true...

Never in my life that I ever heard this kind of insurance. What I mean is engagement ring insurance. Probably it is because it's going to be precious than the love or something else instead.

Marriage is not just to unite man and woman. It is a life long commitment and life time suffering, in my own words. Lots of youngster or young adult out there still didn't understand the real meaning of love. In my country, I've heard about someone committed suicide just because he was being rejected by a young girl. Well, I think, if he didn't do it at the first place, he probably get the real taste of the suffering in committing life long relationship.

As for me, I just gone through 1% of the process. Now I know how hard it is having a child and you have to sacrifice everything for his own good.

This post I dedicate to my old friend who just sing off his life long journey at our local registrar today. 99% chances that he will never read this post.

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Work out no more

I can't go work out anymore because my work nature. I think I will need micrometers to check on my flab that I would say growing back. even that things only measure things that they were made for, but I don't need to double check the numbers again.

Wish I could get proper time to do my run again. Unless I quit from them. Maybe I should. Or maybe I would. Maybe...

Sooner or later, someone will call again and asked me to fly within 7 days. Who knows...

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Nice to see but no money to buy

Almost tempted to buy those Nike Boots but as my title said, only in my dream.

Been going window shopping today with my wife and son after begging with the arrogant staff to switch shift, and guess what did we found? An LCD TV on sale with only RM1099 on the price tag! Then after seeing the 3D TV, we also tempted to buy it. We even try to work out our won budget but we can't even save Rm50 on monthly basis since the fuel hike.

Well, there will always next time for us.

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Could you fly to Vietnam this Saturday?

Have you ever dream getting a park model trailers? Well, mine almost come true. Until they asked me to fly this Saturday.

I've been called by a company that wanted a new recruit. The only things that caught me by surprise was, they asked me to fly to Vietnam this Saturday. I know I can do it but I just can't. I don't want to just run away from my current place because it will bring them disaster. What more, one of my work mate just got Stroke last week. We left short handed with our work.

How I wish that I could have been one of them flying to Vietnam. Not my luck though. Better prepared next time.

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Last rant of the day

this will be my last rant of the day. My off day. Because tomorrow I need to wake up 4 AM and reach office at 5 AM before proceeding to refuel AirAsia aircraft going to Taipei at 5.30 AM.

Did I mention to you that I lose weight without doing any exercise? I lost 2 KG in a single month without doing anything except working. Not even need to buy lipozene. Stressed and fatigue eats all my fats.

That is my final rant of the day. Tune in for the next same rant later this week...

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Lost at words

I'm lost at words nowadays. Couldn't think of a good word to be spoken or write (or I should say 'type') here. Hardly got any time to be sitting down and think on what to write. I'm happy with my life but not happy with this kind of financial and economy situation.

What more, my shift that the management give to me makes me unhappy. First, it's gonna be a tiring of most of us and if someone taking annual leave, everyone will have to relieve that person leaving us to work more than nine days stretch. Maybe a lawyer tucson can help us when they really in deep shit that they created. Leaving us without rest can do more harm than they have to obey the upper level of management.

See, my rant is still evolving on my shift ...

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Special carving...

I'm craving for chocolate strawberries but I'm broke. Not even a chocolate bar I can buy. Because petrol price has increase, all the necessary things has gone up.

But I still want that sweet things. Just click on that like and you will know what I'm talking about. I think I have to resort on my final cache of Milo. Gotta mix it with little water, and put it in the freezer and wait till it is cold and hard enough to be like a chocolate.

Poor me...

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I missed my old life

When I say about that, I'm talking about my life as a musician. I used to be active serving at the church. More over on special occasion like Easter Mass, Christmas Mass and everything special. This year, I cannot make it due to my work. And to be honest I missed Easter time when they hunt for the Easter eggs.

Also when they are busy making Easter sales. Making small badge to be sold before mass started. Also selling candles to be lit during the mass. And I did found this
online Easter gifts that also seems to be interesting.

I think I think too much...

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And the rant begin...

I'm surprise to see that I've got lots of assignment this past few weeks. Lots of assignment means more moolah for me. Hell, I can even dream of getting a motor home for me. Then after that I can think till my hair gone on how to get cheaper motorhome repair.

See, today I'm on my off day. Supposedly I should have been sitting on a hall, looking halfheartedly at the Fire officer at Airport Fire Station talking about fire fighting. Come on Boss, I only got a day off day. Don't kill us with this nonsense asking us to sacrifice our off day for your own safety. Even your assistant didn't even think about safety when he do the schedule. One day off and you still want us to go to hear all this nonsense?

Well, there goes my first rant.

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Late night standby

Here I am. First time blogging in the new office. And blogging in the middle of the night. Been asked to wait for shipment of Jet A-1 fuel that suppose to end at 1 AM but still got no news of it.

Luckily I'm on off day and I can wait for the overtime pay. Only till 2 AM though as my eyes are becoming weary. Next thing I will need to buy the best eye cream for dark circles that developed today. Well, kinda sucks anyway.

I were asked to attend Firefighting course tomorrow but to hell with it, I only have one day off and I'm not going to sacrifice my precious off day just for that.And I still have another five assignment to be done in 24 hours.

Let's see if I can finish it in due time.

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