Not in the mood...

Didn't know things can be like this today. A simple question can turn into a disaster. That is what happen when people are not really mean to their words. What come out from their mouth are not the same what they feel in their heart.

Making me wonder what really they wanted. Every time something like this happen, I always think that every decision that I've made in my life got to do something with this kind of disaster. Wrong move, bad mistake, usually influence by them. That is why as I always said to others, I'm the black sheep in the family.

But in reality, we are just imitating them. Just like scanner software, I can tell three of us here are just imitating them. I just hate when they wanted the very best from you but will go to the extreme by making you feel guilty by then.But please don't challenge me in exchanging words that can make your heart broken. I'm too good in that.

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