My weight is like a yo-yo...

That is what happen to you if you are not so serious about getting leaner. I think I need weight loss affiliate program that force me to run 10 KM each day and swim 5 KM everyday! Last week, the scale is at 81.9 KG, and yesterday it was at 82.9 KG. That is 1 KG difference!

But my running distance are still at a the last record. 4.3 KM in 30 minutes. Lucky I may say because I can feel the difference between running regularly and running occasionally. And truly, I need to change my running shoe. The newly bought still in the box, wrap nicely in the plastic. Gonna wait until the old shoe breath it's breath.

M.u.s.t e.x.e.r.c.i.s.e r.e.g.u.l.a.r.l.y!

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