The meaning of sacrifice

Took all the necessary things since 2 weeks ago and now, I will embarking a new life journey in five day. Looking back to 5 years ago, there is a lots of up and down in my life while I'm with them. And it makes me wonder why they didn't stop me from leaving. Maybe the warning that "rock the whole ship" the other day were really meant for me? Or is it due to happen in anytime sooner for the rest of us.

What ever it is, every one have their own sacrifice. And this is one of it. From me. I would like to put a long excerpt that I read on my old friend's blog, Mas Jaffri, also quoted from his grandfather :

My grandfather told me something this Aidilfitri, which to this day left a great deal of comprehension;

"Setiap orang ada pengorbanan dia yang tersendiri. Ini (menuntut ilmu di perantauan) pengorbanan awak, bukan pengorbanan orang lain. Jadi dugaan inilah yang akan paling bermakna buat awak, kerana hanya awak sahaja yang kenal erti pengorbanan ini."

[Everyone has their own sacrifices to make (in life). This (being overseas) is yours; not anothers'. Therefore only you would benefit the most from this experience, for only you understand the true meaning of this sacrifice (that you have chosen).]

In life, there are times at which we are put into situations against our favor, and where the very appraisal and notion of options do not inherently exist. When this happens, a choice subtly becomes a sacrifice. When sacrifices are being made, their outcome would not always imbue to our liking, but we confer them not because it is a choice that we want - but it is a choice which is the most appropriate within reason.

When a husband takes the day off to cater to all the wishes of his sick wife - he is making a sacrifice.

When a wife races to prepare dinner on the table even after a long day at work, just so that her husband could have a decent meal - she is making a sacrifice.

When a brother decides to skip going out with his friends, just to keep his brother company at home - he is making a sacrifice.

When a mother makes the choice of quitting her job, in order to care for her four young children - she is making a sacrifice.

When a father decides to decline a promotion which entails him an upheaval in remuneration, so that he can remain close to his family - he is making a sacrifice.

Quoted from his blog,

Reading this really calm my heart. Because this is one of the sacrifice that I've made for my family. I think it is worth it. In my heart I quietly pray asking for God to guide me and strengthen my heart for this new life. Maybe, in few more years or maybe months, I can buy my wife tanzanite rings.That can be a good thing.

Condolence to Mas Jaffri Masarudin and his family for their brother/son, Dr Mas Afzal passing. I'm also devastated when I heard the news. Even though your brother and me are not so close, but I always remember him when I do my running or jogging. I still remember vividly when I'm still in La Salle, Kota Kinabalu, while in the rugby team, when my time of training coincidentally with your brother training, he will run beside me. When he stop for rest and I'm still running, soon after he joined back, he will ask me if I don't feel tired running 20 laps. May god Bless his soul.

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