Ending a chapter in my life

A great undertaking today. Feels like heavy heart but have to do it anyway. For family. For Sean. Unless there is anything change. But I doubt that.

Well as I always said, something has to change in order to change your life. Sometimes you have to do the difficult decision in your life. But life is always evolve in decision. Make a wrong decision is part of the learning lesson. But sometimes it is worth it. Making the right decision make it worthwhile.

Lots of things I've learn here. Lots of friends, foes and strangers I've met. The memories will always be in me. The hardship, the suffering and all the time I've spend.

Soon I'll be leaving all my tools and trades. Gonna missed the flexible life. The traveling adventure and all. Will be picking up cutting tools as a new skills in near future. Gonna be a handy man. Or man under the sun, rain and wind. I swear I'm gonna be black next year.

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