Dilemma or in limbo?

Recently, I've watch this movie called "Inception" where you can retrieved important data or plant an idea that can or may change people in decision making or their life in their dream. And there is a term that they called it "in a limbo" where you can't get up from your dream and think that your real life is actually a dream.

And yet today, I'm in a dilemma because I've been offered something that can change my life, my family life but in the same time, someone else are bringing other option for me. Tell you the truth, I can't make any decision for the time being. One life changing will required me to be fit and strong while being in the place that can be quite stressing full with loud noise. The other one just simple in a cool air place and flying can be a lifestyle. I just put flying there since the news bringer told me that could be another perk for the life changing place.

Fit and strong but with terms and condition attached. I kinda like this challenge. Kinda make me wanna have some fat burner reviews to accelerate my body transformation. But I love flying the most. Flying like you are taking a bus. The hustle and bustle in the airport makes me happy. Ahhh damn, both are almost the same.

Another eyes meeting and details changing will be done again in less than 24 hours. Just hope this cool air place can beat the noisy place moolah.

Because I have to do it for the family.

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