Christmas is near!

In 15 days, Christmas will be here. But it is going to be different this year. Why, because I've tendered my resignation today. And I will be facing unemployment for quite sometimes. Maybe, I will be handling art prints in the future. If only somebody wanted to hire me.

Next week it is gonna be a free week for me, if I'm not being called by them to resume work until the last day. I will be spending my time with my family. Maybe go for a swim at Likas Sport Complex, cutting grass at my house, going family visits or much more.

Feels a bit melancholy, but I need to endure that. Well, times change people. So do I. Only if the fella didn't say about it during the meetings. Only if the other guy didn't big mouthed to us. Maybe, that is how life is.

Bring it on 2011. Opening a new chapter next year.

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