Undelivered promises

About three month ago, someone promised to her mother and the rest of the people to build the mother a room and a proper toilet and bathroom. And to add spices, he pledged Rm2000 for the project and will add more if the needs arise. Crooked more than the politician, we manage to collect and add more than what he pledged! And he only stand there, while we were working, smoking his ciggie and talking about his new axe, PRS that worth Rm2000!

Undelivered promises should be returned with a return address labels. Just like undelivered mail. But with a different twist. Full with sarcasm. Lots of it. I think he know why I said, I wanted to see the PRS and gonna bring it home. Only to be return when the project are fully paid by him.

Not a surprise since I know the whole history. Just a little setback. Major setback for our financial. As long as the mother in law sleeps better and cooks better, we don't have any problems.

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