Swimming lessons fee

Suppose to have another day of swimming today but just realizes that my coach mixed up his schedule and today lesson is canceled. So no swimming today.

For those who wanted to joined me (in the swimming lesson), the fee is Rm120 for 4 lesson a month, that is once a week lessons. And Rm200 for twice a week lesson for a month. Qualified trainer will conduct the lesson, if you want to know who will be the coach. I myself are just beginning to learn how to swim.

Basic things you might need to buy before starting is just a pair of swimwear, and a pair of swimming goggles. That will cost you about Rm100 and above for the swimwear (more for the ladies) and about Rm35-Rm50 or more for the goggles. Beside that, you will need a towel, (swimmer towel can cost you Rm60) and a small bags to store all the above items and also your fashion jewelry just in case you came from office direct to the swimming lesson.

As the time for the lesson, my schedule is every Tuesday and Thursday evening, from 6pm to 7pm. And you will need to buy your own swimming pool tickets that cost Rm5. The venue will be at Likas Aquatic Center, Likas. Drop me a comment if you are interested. Because leaving the phone number here can make my coach life miserable.

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Arms said...

You know for a split second there I thought it was "Swimming Lessons Free" ;D

LeeJB said...

Caught your attention juga ahh... Purposely buat camtu tapi kena baca dua kali haha...