Sold our PSP and now our car engine need repair

Last weekend, we sold our Sony Play Station Portable (PSP) in attempt to get more space in our room and I can say a pathetic way to get money too. Reason we have to sell that PSP was because we rarely use it anymore and the things just lying around the room collecting dust.

Instead of wasting it and becoming a large paper weight, we decide to sell it. Sold it to a lucky chaps that knew how to bargain for only RM400 at Kepayan. Cheap like hell but, we need the money anyway.

And guess what? Soon after that, my car mechanic inform me that I need to change turbo parts in our car. We already fried it due to our negligence, so to speak. It will cost us around RM600 this time. That is more than what we get from the PSP. Change it or get cheap car insurance quote since the car will not get enough power to even go to Kundasang roads.

Now, I'm planning to sell my Japanese set of Nintendo Wii for RM1600 plus all the accessory that we have. Same reason to sell, the things almost becoming a large paper weight in our room.

Bye bye PSP, now you got a new place to serve. May you serve your new master well.

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