Selling my Wii set

I'm selling my Nintendo Wii set since it is only lying around our room collecting I might need the money to buy an LCD TV that will cost me about RM1200 plus HDMI cables to connect to my laptop.

Gonna sell it for RM1600 (willing to give discount to those who are really interested) including all the accessory and games that I bought that cost more than RM300. Bear in mind that I bought it twice the price I'm selling last time and what more, it is a Japanese sets that are quite rare to get now. Below is the picture of the items.

Click the picture for bigger view

Just drop me a comment and I will get to you ASAP. Price will include postage or shipping anywhere in Malaysia. Will never deliver it to outside Malaysia because I've got fake transaction or delivery instruction few sales before. Blame it to the scammers !

Here is my link for the sales....

Used Nintendo Wii Japan Version with accessory

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