Joy Does Life!

82.7 KG, my current weight. First weigh-in at 22 May 2010, I'm at 91 KG. My daily diet consist sweet drinks, soda and junk food. I ate 4-5 times a day. I consumed 3 plates of rice. Not to mention the red meats and all the oily fried food. I can barely walk from my house to the town of Tanjung Aru.

When I start my jogging ritual, I barely can run 10 minutes. Even my knee caps almost explode protesting my running. And I need best anti wrinkle cream to hide my hideous wrinkle caused by the fatty tissue under my face.

Who would have guess that I can run 4.5 KM under 30 minute and weighing 83.7KG today? Even took out swimming lesson just to get an active life. I've lost 70% interest of games nowadays.

So you still need motivation? Watch this guy who transform from a fat ass (I like to call him that) to a hunk guy. Remember, you must have a good motivation to look good. Go here -> Ben Does Life.

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